Google sightseeing: South America

insideTonic world tour: South AmericaHaving wasted far too much time watching the Copa America over the past couple of weeks my desire visit the wonders of South America has been well and truly rekindled. I then realised I could save myself a lot of money and a long, boring plane trip by ‘doing’ the continent on my PC. That, in turn, prompted me to set myself the mission of travelling the whole world in 80 days – on Google Earth.

On the first leg of insideTonic’s epic expedition, I’m taking in some awesome sights. On the way over I looked down on Jesus’s head above the mountain of the Cristo Retendor in Rio De Janiero. Then I gawped at the world’s largest hydroelectric power plant at Itaipú on Brazil’s border with Paraguay, where I zoomed in in amazement at the powerful gush on the slipway.

Next it was on to Argentina for a spot of whale watching. I managed to stumble upon these beasts in the South Atlantic, which I’m reliably informed by big fish expert wildslide are southern right whales. Back on dry land I visited some very interesting Incan geoglyphs in Chile’s Atacama desert. For the benefit of the uninitiated, these are massive ancient stone scrawlings of people, birds and animals – and they’re quite wonderful. Fuelled by a new love for all things Incan I journeyed to Peru to check out the lost city of Machu Picchu, before enjoying the incredible rock formations of the Galapagos Islands. What a trip! See you in North America soon for our next adventures.

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