Google bringing Chrome OS to Windows 7

Google bringing Chrome OS to Windows 7

Google’s browser-based operating system, Chrome OS, may make it to Windows 7 eventually. The latest experimental version of the Chrome browser includes a Chrome OS mode, giving the browser a full screen Chrome OS experience.

This isn’t the first time Google has included its own operating system in a browser. Windows 8 users got the same fullscreen ChromeOS experience at the beginning of this year.

So why is Google doing this? For Google, this is a strategy to get more users onto its Chrome OS. The more users using Chrome and Chrome OS, the more ads they can sell to them. Google also sells Chromebooks, which are basically low cost laptops that run Chrome OS.

Basic users will find Chrome OS a good alternative operating system if they use a lot of Google services or just need to browse the web. Users looking for a lot of local storage, processing power or need to use Microsoft Office will want to use a traditional operating system like Windows or Mac instead.

Still, there’s no harm in giving Chrome OS a try when it does come out on Windows 7. If you don’t like it, you can always quit Chrome and go right back to Windows.

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Via: Engadget

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