Groupon users have saved over $1 billion

Amber Sass


Groupon, the company that offers popular daily deals at hyper-discounted rates, announced earlier this morning that users have now saved more than $1 billion with their service. While you technically have buy something to take advantage of the savings, this remains a lofty achievement in the company’s relatively young existence.

Since its inception in 2008, Groupon has steadily risen in popularity. Part of the reason is the great deals Groupon offers its users. Every day a new deal gets emailed to users, generally offering a 40-60% discounted rate on region-specific merchandise or services. Another thing that makes Groupon so popular is its accessibility. Users can take advantage of daily deals online at Groupon’s website or via an easy-to-use mobile app. As we recently reported, Groupon has even gone international and increased its popularity quite a bit as a result.

Groupon is no stranger to making news, however. Just last month the company turned down a multi-billion dollar buy-out offer from Google, surprising market experts and loyal users alike. With its most recent tweet though, Groupon seems to be sending a very targeted message to anyone willing to listen: the sky’s the limit, and we’re not done yet.

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