Halloween is over in GTA Online, but Franklin and Lamar take center stage

Halloween is over in GTA Online, but Franklin and Lamar take center stage
Nacho Requena Molina

Nacho Requena Molina

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Halloween is no longer in GTA Online. After almost a month of content that concluded last week with a slew of updates, the spotlight now falls on two familiar faces: our beloved Franklin and Lamar. Both characters can earn double rewards this week for short trips. The fastest way to participate in short trips is to take out your iFruit and press Quick Join > Contact Missions > Short Trips.

Additionally, there are more bonuses, as expected. If you engage in security contracts and log in to the agency laptop, you can check out available illicit activities and earn double GTA$ and RP for your efforts.

Furthermore, there are gifts for everyone. Simply by playing GTA Online, you’ll have access to the orange DJ Pooh t-shirt. You also have the chance to obtain three masks for the Day of the Dead: Regal Skull, Romantic Skull, and Floral Skull. However, these items will be available only until this weekend, so hurry up to get them and add them to your collection.

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And the cars

Let’s talk about vehicles. First up, a bonus event: In Hunt the Beast (Remix), a runner pilots an MTL Dune rigged with an explosive set to detonate if the vehicle drops below a certain speed, while others try to prevent it from reaching the deactivation zone (if you’ve seen the movie Speed, this might sound familiar). Playing this mode will earn you triple rewards until November 8th.

Now, onto the featured vehicles and discounts. Head to the Premium Deluxe Motorsport dealership to check out the latest SUVs and bikes offered by Simeon:

  • Pfister Astron (SUV)
  • Nagasaki Shinobi (motorcycle)
  • Declasse Granger 3600LX (SUV)
  • Western Reever (motorcycle, 40% off)
  • Obey I-Wagen (SUV)

At Luxury Autos, the following vehicles are available, all at a 40% discount:

  • Enus Jubilee (SUV)
  • Dewbauchee Champion (supercar)

In The Diamond Casino & Resort’s Lucky Wheel, you have the chance to win the military Mammoth Patriot (off-road vehicle). Additionally, at LS Car Meet, you can drive three returning cars: the Schyster Fusilade (sports car), the Ocelot Jackal (coupe), and the Coil Voltic (supercar, 50% off). If you place in the top four positions in LS Car Meet series for two consecutive days, you’ll receive the flashy new Gallivanter Baller ST (SUV).

Finally, take a look at the latest version of Hao’s Coil Cyclone II (supercar), an electric hypercar that can be used in this week’s HSW Time Trial between Ron Alternates and Elysian Island.


Here are this week’s promotions and discounts, starting with GTA+ subscribers:

  • Albany Brigham and Love Fist livery for free.
  • Monochrome pinstripe suit; skeleton bodysuit; PRB t-shirt, shorts, and hoodie.
  • Free Agency Armory.
  • 40% off all alien weapons from the Mobile Operations Center.

And discounts

  • Agencies: 40% off.
  • Agency Vehicle Workshop: 40% off.
  • Imani Tech Upgrades: 30% off.
  • Penaud La Coureuse (sports car): 30% off.
  • Western Reever (motorcycle): 40% off.
  • Dewbauchee Champion (supercar): 40% off.
  • Enus Jubilee (SUV): 40% off.
  • Bravado Youga Classic (van): 50% off.
  • Coil Voltic (supercar): 50% off.
  • Electromagnetic Pulse Rifle | Hell Satan (40% off for GTA+ members).
  • Widowmaker (40% off for GTA+ members).
  • Up-n-Atomizer (40% off for GTA+ members).
  • Electric Pistol (40% off for GTA+ members).
  • Micro SMG | Carbine Rifle | Homing Launcher | Baseball Bat | Knife | Grenades (20% off).
  • Pipe Bombs | Sticky Bombs | Armor: 20% off.
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