Hide Facebook messages and chats using NQ Vault

Hide Facebook messages and chats using NQ Vault

Ever wonder what would happen if Facebook messages and chats could be seen by someone else? The thought of it is a little terrifying, right?

If you’re concerned about your privacy when chatting on Facebook Messenger on your phone then make sure you check out the new Facebook message encryption feature within NQ Mobile Vault, which we took a look at when we caught up with NQ Mobile at this week’s Mobile World Congress 2013.

The stealth Facebook messaging service within NQ Mobile Vault checks your Facebook friend list and allows you to chat with them privately. Your friend needs to have the free NQ Mobile Vault app installed too but once they do you can exchange encrypted messages that will never appear outside of the Vault application.

If you go into Facebook and try to view the chats you’ve made through Vault, you’ll find they appear as random text. The history of your chats and messages is stored securely in NQ Mobile Vault, and can only be retrieved with the password.

Of course, NQ Vault doesn’t just encrypt Facebook messages. You can also use it to hide photos and videos from your phone that you might not want others to discover. The Android version also allows you to encrypt SMS, contacts and call logs, so that they are hidden from anyone without the Vault password. NQ Vault is available to download for free for Android and iOS.

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