How Can I Use Office For Free Without Downloading it?

How Can I Use Office For Free Without Downloading it?


Microsoft Office suite’s latest iteration, Microsoft 365, features similar apps you are used to in your personal life, work, or school. However, the costs could become frustrating over time to access the apps when buying a Microsoft subscription which could discourage some from using Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and any other Microsoft programs. But were you aware that there are free ways to access Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Office 365 – Free for Teachers and Students

Did you know that if you are a teacher or student with an assigned school email address, you are most probably eligible for Office 365 access for free via Microsoft? You will have access to Microsoft Teams, OneNote, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and any extra classroom tools.

If you browse over to Microsoft’s website, you only have to enter the school email address to get started for free with Office 365. In most cases, access is granted instantly, but there is a possibility that some institutions need to be verified.

Microsoft Office Free for The Rest of Us

Like most apps, anyone can get a free one-month trial, but that requires you to complete a payment option with your credit card details, and if you slip up and forget to cancel, you end up being charged a one-year subscription of $100. Not the position most of us want to find ourselves in these days!

However, I have good news for those that don’t require all the Microsoft 365 tools. You can still access Skype, Calendar, Outlook, OneDrive, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word apps free online.

And here’s how to get them:

  1. You can go to
  2. For the free version, click sign up under the “sign up” button.
How to use Microsoft Office for free

  1. Create a Microsoft account for free, or log in to your one. If you have Xbox Live, Skype, or Windows, you should already have a Microsoft account.
  2. Decide what app you want to use, and you can save your work in your OneDrive.

What’s The Catch?

I know – you are probably wondering, “what’s the catch here?” I mean, why do you have to pay in the first place if you can access these office apps for free, right? Well, there are some limits to the functionality of the free app, such as you can only use it with an internet connection, and it is only available on the web browser.

The free apps provide fewer features than the complete Microsoft 365 suite versions. But don’t get discouraged. The free version has many benefits, such as collaborating in real-time and sharing work links. The free version is perfect if you require the basics of office apps!



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