How has Google just made years of your school education pointless?

After years of schooling, reading and watching all those TV shows as a child, you might have thought that you knew (and could do a pretty good imitation) of almost every animal in your reportoire. Yeah? Well, thanks to the world’s favorite search engine, no one needn’t have to learn those difficult noises ever again, as Google now does it for you.

Yes, it might seem a bit weird, but as Google’s mission as a company quite clearly states that it wants to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,” so it may come as no surprise that the internet giant has invested millions (ok, maybe not millions) into this new feature, which basically makes the noise of a pig when you want it to.

How to do it:

1)      Open the Google search engine on the device browser.

2)      Simply type in “What noise does a (animal) make?

3)      Click play on the audio sample to discover the noise!

If you just want to discover animals at random, type in “animal noises” to get a whole selection of different creatures!

Of course, Google has launched this for educational purposes, but let’s be honest, it’ll turn out to be just another way to kill time at the office.

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