How long does an iPhone actually last? Apple finally answers that burning question

It’s the question every iPhone owner has that very moment their bank accounts are stripped bare to pay for their new (and beautiful) device…just how long will it last? Well, we’ve got some good news – Apple have finally responded!

There are many conspiracy theories surrounding this, for example some believe an iPhone expires the minute a new model is launched, or thatit lasts long enough so you don’t have to use your two-year warranty.

Apple has attempted to address this burning question within a recently-published information document in which the company answers questions regarding its involvement with the environment. It’s safe to say that one particular part of the document attracted a bit more attention from their audience:

To model customer use, we measure the power consumed by a product while it is running in a simulated scenario. Daily usage patterns are specific to each product and are a mixture of actual and modeled customer use data. Years of use, which are based on first owners, are assumed to be four years for OS X and tvOS devices and three years for iOS and watchOS devices.”

So there you have it – your device should last no longer than four years. Have any of oour readers got a device which has lasted longer? Let us know!

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