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How to beat the Ghost Recon Wildlands/Rainbow Six crossover mission

How to beat the Ghost Recon Wildlands/Rainbow Six crossover mission
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Alex LaFreniere

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There’s a new group of operators in Bolivia. Following up their much-praised Splinter Cell crossover, Ghost Recon has added a new bonus mission that features the Ghost Recon Wildlands squad teaming up with some of the operators from Rainbow Six Siege. This new mission is codenamed Operation: Archangel. Here’s our guide to beating the new crossover.

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The mission starts with Nomad and his team intercepting a distress signal from Caimanes, just outside the city of Frontera. Head to the waypoint on your map to investigate. When you get there, you’ll find a crashed truck surrounded by piles of cash and a whole host of dead cartel members.

Nomad will then contact Bowman, who tells the team that she thinks she knows what this is. One of Rainbow’s operators, Caveira, has gone rogue and is taking out Santa Blanca members in Bolivia. After a quick introduction to Valkyrie, another Rainbow operator, the team is tasked with heading to Caimanes Echo to rendezvous with Twitch and continue the search.

You can either drive or fast travel to the outpost, where you’ll find Twitch looking over some documents. She’ll ask for you to take her to the crash site so she can investigate. It’s kind of a long drive, so we recommend using the chopper that spawns at the outpost to get there faster. When you arrive back at the crash site, Twitch will take a moment to investigate before confirming that this is Caveira’s handiwork.

She finds a GPS locator in the truck that points you towards a cartel base in the nearby province of La Cruz. This is your next destination, so hop back in the chopper and head out.

Upon arriving at the base, you’ll discover that it’s littered with corpses. Caveira’s already been here, and she definitely wasn’t happy. You’ll be tasked with investigating the base. To trigger your next objective, head through the base and up the hill on the far side to this building:

Inside, you’ll find a cowering cartel lieutenant. Grab and interrogate him. He’ll reveal that Caveira is after someone named Dengoso, but that’s when the action starts. The lieutenant called for reinforcements, and they’ve arrived. Your next objective is simple: survive the waves of enemies coming for you.

As soon as the interrogation cutscene ends, we suggest booking it for this building in the center of the outpost:

It’s a multileveled structure with lots of cover and access to an ammo box. The first wave comes in the form of a pair of attack helicopters. The faster you can take them out, the better. It won’t be long before another group of cartel members rolls up in vehicles, and things start to get even dicier. Stay in cover as much as possible and pick off enemies that poke their heads out. If you can, toss a grenade into the parked vehicles to trigger a chain of explosions that will likely wipe out a few cartel sicarios.

Soon enough, another group of helicopters swoops in; these are equipped with missile launchers. They can do some serious damage, so get ready to dive for cover if you hear them launching their missiles. Once you’ve downed these helicopters, you’ll be in the clear. Link back up with Twitch to finish this part of the mission.

To start part two of Operation: Archangel, wait for a call from Bowman, then head to Libertad. You’re looking for Dengoso’s apartment in the hopes of finding any hints as to why Caveira’s after him. Once you’ve arrived in the search radius, look for this red apartment building:

Head around back to meet up with Twitch. Together, head inside the building and make your way to the top floor. Pick the lock to head inside Dengoso’s apartment here. You can find several intel items inside: a picture on a side table, an ID, and a manifest on the desk. The real gold is in the bedroom, though: a voicemail left by Dengoso that reveals him to be Caveira’s younger brother. He’s being held hostage by the cartel at the Chemical Institute, and Caveira’s already on her way there. Before you leave, check out the bedroom closet for a neat Hitman easter egg. Is Ubisoft hinting at their next crossover mission?

Once outside, pile into a vehicle and head for the Chemical Institute. Once you’re there, park by the outer gates and head into the gatehouse, where you’ll finally link up with Caveira. After a quick exchange with Twitch, you’ll get your new objective: head into the Chemical Institute and rescue Caveira’s brother.

Now the real fun begins. The Institute is absolutely crawling with cartel soldiers. Stay hidden, and make good use of your drone to mark as many as you can. A fully upgraded drone is a huge advantage here. Keep a lookout for three rooftop snipers, as well as a few four-man patrols that scout the perimeter of the main building.

Once you’ve finished your recon, you can head inside the base. We recommend a stealthy approach. From the gatehouse where you met Caveira, look behind you. You should see this river that crosses between the road and the Institute:

Head across it and climb the hill on the other side. You’ll see a low perimeter wall that you can easily vault. Do so, and head for this building:

Head up the stairs to the rooftop and eliminate the sniper there. Now you have a perfect vantage point to start quietly picking off your enemies. The more you can eliminate now, the easier your job will be later. Try to stay stealthy for as long as you can. You can make good use of your sync shot to get rid of multiple enemies simultaneously.

Once you’ve gotten rid of the guards patrolling outside, head back downstairs and across the courtyard to the main building. You should see a low, red side building here with a tunnel beneath.

Head for this tunnel. Rainbow Six Siege players will be treated to a familiar sight:

When you’re ready, lob a C4 at the door, grab some cover, and breach. There will be a group of enemies inside. Take them out, then head in. You’ll breach another door at the far end of the room that leads to a stairwell. Head upstairs, but don’t breach any other doors until you get to the top floor. These are just dead-end rooms that contain more enemies and will only make your life harder. Breach the door on the top floor to gain access to a balcony. Take out the enemies here and head for the stairs on the far end.

Once you head up the stairs, you’ll find another breachable room. This is where Dengoso is being held. Head into a corridor to the right to find a side door. We recommend using this as your breach point, as it will allow you to flank behind the enemies inside. Breach the door, clear out the room, and kick open the red door inside to find Dengoso.

After Caveira somewhat frostily reunites with her little brother, Twitch will inform you that reinforcements are on the way. There’s no time to waste: have Dengoso follow you, then retrace your steps. Get out of the building as fast as you can. You don’t want to get held up inside when the reinforcements arrive.

With any luck, you’ll be heading outside just as the first reinforcements are exiting their vehicles. Take them out, and when it’s safe, get in the nearest vehicle. Once Dengoso and Caveira are safely inside, gun it. There’s a chopper hovering above, but if you’re fast enough, you can lose it before it does any serious damage. Once you leave the outer perimeter, head to the rendezvous point to meet up with Bowman. After a tense cutscene, the mission will conclude, and you can enjoy your new Rainbow Six themed rewards.

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