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How to Buy Microsoft Office – Get Your Genuine License For A Cheap Price!

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If you need to buy Microsoft Office for your PC or Mac at home or at work, you’ll probably have already taken a look on the Web. As you may have seen, there are plenty of options out there. But how to discern the best deals for Microsoft Office, how to be sure to get the best, cheap price for Office? Keep reading to see how you can buy your next Microsoft Office License without breaking the bank!

Can You Buy Microsoft Office spending less?

The first and foremost result you may have incurred is probably the Microsoft Store: you can buy your digital Microsoft Office License without having to physically go to a retail store, with all the convenience of buying from home and immediately receive your order. The pain point, though, is that you’ll have to shell hundreds of bucks for your new Microsoft Office installation and the problem is that you have to decide between a single payment solution or a subscription to be paid every month.

How to Buy Microsoft Office – Get Your Genuine License For A Cheap Price!

Moving further on your searching – if you have done it before reading this – you may have seen dozens of “best offers for Microsoft Office”, “cheap Microsoft Office prices”, and other offerings scattered throughout your search result page. And this should answer the above question: yes, you can buy Microsoft Office spending less than the bloated price asked on the official Microsoft Office. But how?

If you are looking for the best Microsoft Office deals, ESD licenses are the answer.

Many third-party companies offer the so-called ESD Licenses, namely digital licenses that many companies buy in bulk to get volume discounts. When they activate all the required seats, organizations may want to sell the exceeding licenses to get some money back.

The good thing is that ESD licenses come way cheaper than other sources, and the best thing is that such a practice is 100% legal, as deemed by the European Court of Justice, among the others.

ESD licenses can be traded, and here comes a multitude of third parties buying and reselling these licenses for profit, asking a lower price than your average MSRP.

However, you must be advised: when a bargain is too good to be true, it probably is not.

The ‘best’ deals for Microsoft Office are not always the best option for you

This might sound counter-intuitive, but the truth is: you must be extremely cautious when it comes to buying Microsoft Office for cheap.

As you may have noticed, there are plenty of third parties and merchants on Amazon or eBay, selling dirt-cheap licenses for anything – from Antiviruses to Windows OS, and obviously Microsoft Office.

Three bucks for Microsoft Office 2016? Why not? – You may think. Well… think again! These prices are pure sci-fi, and if you see one of these deals around, you should first take a look at feedbacks and reviews online. Yes, because, you may have incurred the so-called grey market.

In short, this is a place where things get fuzzy in terms of lawfulness, and you may risk getting a stolen product key, or a legit one purchased, however, using a forged/cloned/stolen credit card. Needless to say, you may get exposed to cyber-criminals, or simply lose your money, and your license, since it may be voided by Microsoft at any moment. A solution can be Mr Key Shop, one of the best websites where you can buy genuine Microsoft Office Suite at the best price. 

Looking for the best price for Microsoft Office? Check these tips out!

Piracy is not an option, of course, so what to do? We’ve got you covered, lucky you!

There is a lot of genuine, professional services you may want to go for. All these are characterized by some common traits: secure payments (i.e. PayPal), free Customer Service, money-back warranties, and, most importantly, a good track record of positive feedback and reviews online.

We tried some of these businesses, and we want to recommend one in particular: Mr Key Shop. This is a UK-based company specializing in Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office Suite licenses for PC or MAC, as well as Antiviruses subscriptions.

They’ve been around for enough time to prove their reliability and professionalism, and as you can see on TrustPilot, this is one of your go-to companies when it comes to seeking the best discounts for Microsoft Office.

The service is fast, prices are low, and you will get complete and noob-friendly instructions directly in your inbox immediately after your purchase, together with your brand new genuine product key and an official link to download your Microsoft Office ISO file with no hassle. 

Technical support is free and the products are all digital, so you avoid the pollution that comes with shipping goods, in fact Mr Key Shop is Eco-Friendly.

Now that you know how to buy Microsoft Office for cheap, what else should you know?

Microsoft Office is an umbrella term, encasing different editions that may suit different needs. Now that you know how to get the best price for Microsoft Office, you should also consider what version is the best choice for you.

The most complete stores, such as Mr Key Shop, offer plenty of options, and the most common are:

  • Microsoft Office 2019: this is the latest version of Microsoft Office to date, at least until Microsoft Office 2021 will be officially released. This is the most updated suite you can buy, with all the modern features you can expect from one of the best productivity suites ever, like cloud sync and more. Buy Microsoft Office 2019 if your OS is Windows 10 or 11, and you want to enjoy the latest features.
  • Microsoft Office 2016: one of the most popular versions around. It’s still used by a lot of users – both private and business – and for some good reasons: modern UI, excellent performance, modern features. Buy Microsoft Office 2016 if you want to spend less, and your PC is not exactly the newest.
  • Microsoft Office 2013: a beloved good-old version of Office, yet functional and performing nowadays! Buy Microsoft Office 2013 if you’re working under limited resources, but you want to enjoy a good performance/features balance.
  • Microsoft Office 2010: running Windows 7 or 8? Don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10 or 11? Stick on one of the most acclaimed versions ever! Buy Microsoft Office 2010 to enjoy a fully-fledged productivity suite with optimal performance on older systems.
  • Microsoft Office for Mac: as a Mac user you know the meaning of “it just works” very well. And if you don’t want to renounce all the convenience and efficiency, buy Microsoft Office for Mac and boost your productivity!

We recommend checking your system requirements carefully before you proceed with your order. The best stores like Mr Key Shop also give you clear and complete lists of specs to meet, so take a look at their product pages.


Wherever you choose to buy Microsoft Office, always take a look at reviews and feedback. Be sure about your system specs, and compare pricing lists. Sometimes, a bargain is way too good to be true, and it usually is – so always check for secure payments and explicit warranties.

And if you want to get even better deals, check Mr Key Shop’s catalog regularly to get the best discounts for Microsoft Office, and achieve better productivity!

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