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How to choose the right anti-virus protection for your business

While there are lots of anti-virus software programs on the market for individuals, when it comes to protecting your business, the choices tend to shrink. Avast, a leader in security software, believes that businesses should have all of the flexibility in anti-virus and hacker protection offered to individual consumers. This is why it supplies two different business security solutions, each further broken down into additional options that let business owners choose exactly the kind of coverage they need based on budget and requirements: AVG Antivirus Business Edition and Avast Business Antivirus.

AVG Antivirus Business Edition

As with all Avast products, AVG Antivirus Business Edition has world-class antivirus protection baked in, and is an ideal solution for larger businesses with multiple workstations. 

The software employs cloud-based Real-Time Outbreak Detection to ensure that it is continuously updated and prepared to thwart the latest attacks whether they be from spam, viruses, hackers or malware – or through problematic email attachments or downloaded files. The program also includes a behavioral shield that looks for suspicious behavior that might be hiding in programs on devices across your network. 

Additionally, AVG Antivirus Business Edition provides a WiFi inspector, a data shredder that overwrites files multiple times to permanently erase potentially sensitive data, and a sandbox, which isolates troublesome files in a safe, virtual environment for deeper analysis. 

To add even more protection, AVG’s Internet Security Business Edition adds exchange server protection where your emails are scanned at the server level and you are protected from spam and phishing schemes before it even hits your network. 

Avast Business Antivirus

If you’re a smaller business owner, Avast Business Antivirus lets you choose the exact level of protection you need to keep your operations safe and smooth, as it’s available in three versions: Business, Business Pro, and Business Pro Plus.

The base-level program offers the same file, web, email and behavioral shields as AVG Antivirus Business Edition, as well as the sandbox and WiFi inspector, but it does so in a lighter-weight program that takes up less resources on your network.

Stepping up to the Business Pro level adds the data shredder function, the exchange server email protection and SharePoint Server Protection – a scanner that monitors all files on your shared storage system to ensure that they stay malware free.

Moving on to the Pro Plus level adds four additional features including the ability to protect employees’ login details with a secure master password; VPN functionality; a browser cleanup function to remove cookies that contain personal data; and a webcam shield. These features are also not included in either of the two AVG Antivirus Business Edition products, so for true 360-degree protection for your business, Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus really is the way to go.

 All the software is compatible with Windows 10, 8 and 7 as well as Mac OS.

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