How to host streams on Twitch and why you should be doing it

When you’re trying to get started streaming on Twitch, it can take a while before you have a regular audience. And then once you have that audience, it takes work to keep them there. Hosting other Twitch streamers is an easy and effective way to get an audience and retain them, without even thinking about it. Here is how to do it, and why it’s effective:

How to host other Twitch streams

There are two ways to host someone else. You can manually host a stream, or you can auto host them.

To manually host another Twitch user, you can go to your channel and type “/host” followed by their Twitch name into your Twitch chat. Like so:

Twitch Chat

To auto host someone you need to go to click on your name in the top right corner of your browser and click Dashboard. Then, on the left-hand side under Settings, click Channel. Scroll down a bit until you see “Auto Hosting.” Make sure that auto hosting is enabled, and then go to your hosting list and add whatever channels you want to add.

Auto host

Auto-hosting is typically a more effective means to host, since you just have to set it up once and then whenever those channels are playing, your channel will automatically host them. Try to auto host a good amount of channels that are similar to your own, in order to keep a consistent channel feed going.

Why you should be doing it

There are two main benefits to hosting other streamers on your Twitch. The first comes from mutual hosting. If you and another streamer host each other, then you’re effectively gaining their audience whenever they tune into the other Twitch user’s stream. Not only that, but hosting someone else will help you develop your relationship with other Twitch users as well.

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The second, and arguably most important, benefit from hosting someone else has to do with retention. If you only stream once a week, or even twice a week, your Twitch will be empty most of the time, and your audience won’t be regularly tuning in. By hosting other streamers, you can keep your Twitch regularly active without needing to constantly stream yourself. Happy streaming!

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