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How to identify fonts in any photo

“I love the font in this photo, but I don’t know what it’s called.” As you step into the exciting world of design and creative work, this question has definitely popped up in your head. And that’s completely normal: we all want to know as many font styles as possible, since they could be useful for future work and create a better end product.

If this question continues to puzzle you, don’t worry: we’re here to help. We’ve brought you the three best webpages or apps to find out the type of font used in a text, image or video.

What Font Is

It may seem a bit uninspiring to just look it up, but it’s the best suggestion if you’ve got little time to write and/or design. What Font Is is a website that accomplishes the mission of this post, i.e. finding out the type of font we don’t know at the moment. The best part? It’s free and works well. Very well, in fact.

All you have to do is upload an image with text from your PC (or paste a link to the website in question) and the website will take care of the rest. Of course, we’ll give you a few tips to narrow the search.

Also, and this is important, it has a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that lets us send over the font we want to look up. In other words, we’ll save time going to the website, since it will send the font directly through the browser extension.

My Fonts

This one is almost identical to What Font Is, so we also recommend it for its high success rate: My Fonts. The mechanism is the same: we take a photo and upload it to the website. Once there, it gives us some results with the font in question used in the text.

We’ll point out that if the system doesn’t find the font we’re using, it will offer a series of alternatives that try to get at the result we want (ideal if it’s needed urgently).


This is the last, but not least on the list: Matcherator. Unlike its two rivals above, this website has the benefit of being regularly updated, which makes it easier to search for fonts more accurately.

Currently, for example, it has an advanced mode, an image editor and can detect less common font types within standard templates on the internet.

Also, its system is similar to the previous two: you upload an image to the platform and it comes back with the font to download. Moreover, it lets you detect typeface on websites with a higher success rate than the other two rivals (especially in this area).

Now you’ve got this complete guide for detecting fonts, so you won’t be in a rush when looking for the design that’s just right.

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