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How to install the SetupVPN extension for Google Chrome

How to install the SetupVPN extension for Google Chrome


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Virtual private networks are the perfect tool for getting the most of your internet connection. You can hide your activity from your ISP and unlock additional functionality in a variety of apps. VPNs allow you to select a country or region that is different from your home address.

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The best part is that you can get certain VPNs for free. SetupVPN is one such service that is completely free to install on any Google Chrome browser.

  1. Downloading the software

    First, you’ll need to download Setup VPN extension. Once the webpage loads, click the big blue download button on the top right.

    The link takes you to the Chrome extension store. Click the add to Chrome button and hit add extension when the dialog box appears to complete the first step.

  2. Pin extension to toolbar

    Ensure the extension is enabled in Chrome

    To make sure SetupVPN is readily available, you can pin it to the toolbar at the top of Chrome. To do this, click on the extensions jigsaw icon. From the list of extensions, click the pin icon next to Setup VPN.

  3. Choose a language and create an account

    Starting an account is easy

    When you first click your newly pinned SetupVPN icon, you will be asked to choose a language and make an account. Select your preferred language from the menu and click create account. After entering your credentials, you must verify your email by clicking the link sent to the address you provided during account creation. Now, you will be able to log in normally when clicking the Setup VPN extension icon.

  4. Check your IP address

    Check your IP before changing locations

    The easiest way to know your VPN is working is to check your IP address before tinkering with it. Then, check your IP again once you have connected to another country. To see what your IP address is, go to a website such as what is my IP? Your current IP will be listed on the box labeled IPv4.

  5. Connect to a new location and verify your IP changed

    Select another country from this list

    Once registered, open the extension by clicking on the SetupVPN icon on the Chrome toolbar. Click on the disconnect button to drop your current IP address location. You will automatically be brought to the list of available countries to connect to. Click on the country of your choice to generate a new IP address.

    Upon connecting to the new location, you should verify your IP was altered before resuming your activities. Go back to the IP checking site and refresh the page. As long as address shown has changed, you’re all set! Now, you can enjoy the web from the perspective of someone on the other side of the planet.



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