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How to Keep Your Kids Safe When They’re Using an iPad

How to Keep Your Kids Safe When They’re Using an iPad
Patrick Devaney

Patrick Devaney

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As more and more parents are allowing their kids to use iPads, it is important to go through some vital steps to ensure they’re using them safely.

Tip: Pin your kids WhatsApp chats so they’re always at the top of the app!

The 10 steps laid out below should make it much safer for kids to use iPads. Children are adept at finding ways around the restrictions adults try to place on them so it is best to not take too many chances. Follow all of these instructions and keep the kids (and the iPads) safe.

How to keep your kids safe while they're using an ipad

How to keep your Kids Safe While Using an iPad

10 steps to safety

1. Enable Restrictions

This will give you control of all that can be accessed from the iPad

  • Go to Settings >>> General >>> Restrictions
  • Enable Restrictions and choose your Secret Pin

Now you have control you can use the Restrictions menu to:

2. Disable Web Browsers and other Unsuitable Apps

Select which Apps you will Allow your kids to access

  • You can Switch each app to Don’t Allow and…
  • You can Restrict Apps based on age rating via the Allowed Content section

3. Disable Installing Apps

Stop your kids from installing any new apps on the iPad

  • Simply flip the Installing Apps switch to off
  • Do the same for Deleting Apps to keep all your current apps safe

4. Disable In-App Purchases

Avoid having to pay $$$$$ for pixelated “Fairy Sparkles” or “Unicorn Kisses”

  • This switch is found below the Deleting Apps switch

5. Disable Location Services

So your kids can’t inadvertently share their location with strangers

  • Scroll down to Privacy and then hit Location Services
  • Select which apps to restrict or block them all
  • Select Don’t Allow Changes to lock these settings in place

6. Keep your Account Protected

Make sure none of your Mail, Contacts or Calendar events get deleted or modified

  • Scroll down to the Allow Changes section
  • Select Don’t Allow Changes for Accounts

7. Restrict Access to Game Center

Stop your kids playing multiplayer games with strangers

  • Scroll down to Game Center in the Restrictions menu
  • Disable Multiplayer Games

8. Set Content Limits

Only give your kids access to content that is suitable for them

  • Go to the Allowed Content section of the Restrictions menu
  • Go through each type of content and set what can and can’t be accessed

Now go back to Settings and open the Passcode menu:

9. Disable Erase Data

Prevent your kids from accidentally deleting all your data by entering the wrong passcode 10 times.

  • If you have a Passcode protecting the iPad flip the Erase Data switch to off

 10. Protect the iPad with a Rugged Protective Case and a Screen Protector

Make sure the iPad doesn’t break if it is dropped or accidentally knocked around

  • You know it makes sense

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