How to Link to the Exact Part of the YouTube Video You Want to Show

YouTube is great. So great that you can easily lose hours searching through its vast database of videos and watching he best ones you find. Then when you find a really great video there is only one thing you want to do once you’ve watched it. Share it! With over 5 billion videos watched on YouTube every single day that means there will be a hell of a lot of videos getting shared every day. How much time is being wasted, though, once these videos have been shared?

Often when you share a video you like there is a specific part of the video that you want the other person to see. Now you can tell them when they should start watching but true YouTube power users don’t do that. YouTube power users have a simple trick up their sleeve that lets them share the video and make it start at the exact moment they want it to. Let’s see how they do it.

3 different ways to share a YouTube video that starts at an exact moment

1. Start at box

How to Link to the exact part of the YouTube Video You Want to Show

The 1st way is to click share and then you’ll see a tickbox saying “Start at” and a box for inputting the time you want the video start at. You’ll notice if you play the video whilst this box is open the time will automatically change to match the time of the video.

2. Right click

The 2nd way is really simple. When the video is at the moment you want to share you simply pause it and then right click anywhere on the video. You  then select “Copy video URL at current time” and you’ll have a link that’ll start the video at that exact moment.

How to Link to the exact part of the YouTube Video You Want to Show

3. Add the time yourself

The 3rd way involves manually adding the time at the end of the link. For example, if you want the video to start at 0 minutes and 28 seconds simply add ‘&t=0m28s’ at the end of the link before you share it. Like so

So there you have it. 3 easy ways to share a video so that it starts at the exact moment you want it to.

This article was originally published on May 17th 2017.

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