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How to play Words Story

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Words Story is an unusual take on the mobile word game in that it’s part clever word game and part narrative. While the narrative itself isn’t the most compelling, it’s still neat to be given an actual storyline in a free mobile game. The story follows the plight of a crafty but determined prisoner as he attempts to “Shawshank Redemption” his way to freedom.

Words Story

The game takes place over the course of 200 days of digging, waiting, scheming, and bribing the guards as you dream of sweet freedom beyond the brick walls and steel bars. Get through those 200 days, though, and you’ll reach the liberating embrace of the ocean.

Words Story chapter 2 Trust
The story spans 200 days in prison, divided into multiple ‘chapters.’

How do you play?

At its core, Words Story is a simple word unscrambling game. Each ‘day’ you’re presented with a new set of letters, the goal is to find the correct word hidden among them. Of course, there will be other words you’ll find that are not the correct one, and should you find them, the game rewards you with extra coins (just click the chest to accept them).

Words Story extra words collected for coins
Find extra hidden words and you’ll get to collect extra coins.

Many of the words you’ll unscramble are irrelevant to the plot, such as “hate,” “cat,” “pink,” or “meat.” The game does try to fit in as many related words as possible, so those should be your first guess. These are words like “map,” “beat,” “dig,” “file,” or “bag.” Typically you’ll get a relevant word every two or three ‘days’ of the game, after which you’ll be rewarded a short cutscene and your overall escape progress.

Words Story progress digging to freedom
Dig your way closer to freedom – day by day, inch by inch.

When you’re unscrambling words, there will also be a couple of tools to help you. One trick is to deliberately submit a word that’s not correct. Doing so will eliminate any letters you used for that word that are not in the solution. Also pay attention to the color of the letters after you place them: Blue means correct letter in the correct spot, while yellow means right letter, wrong placement.

Words Story wrong letters earn coins
Find hidden words to earn extra coin and eliminate variables

On the bottom left, there’s also an option to re-scramble the letter pool, which can help if you’re having a hard time visualizing the solution. On the bottom right there’s a bomb, which removes several incorrect letters from the pool immediately. You have unlimited uses for the bomb, but it does have a cooldown you have to wait for.

If you’re trying to get the most coins, you probably won’t be using the bomb much; it just eliminates letters you could otherwise use for extra words.

Words Story bomb remove letters
Remove multiple variables at once with a powerful bomb

How difficult is the game?

While typically word games will grow in difficulty by asking for longer words, Words Story does not do this. All the mystery words in the game typically vary between 3-6 letters, the tough part is that there are so many letters to choose from.

What starts as four possible letters to pick from turns into 15 by day 160. Additionally, since the mystery words are not always relevant to the prison escape story, it can get pretty hard to guess what random word the game wants.

Words Story tap letters to spell mystery word
More and more letters are added as you progress further

That said, the game is not too tough. There’s no time restriction and there’s no punishment for incorrect guesses, which means it’s just a matter of time before you get the right one.

If you find the game too difficult, there are plenty of online walkthroughs to help you out:

Is the game free?

All levels in Words Story are free, as are the hints. You can choose to buy coins, but there’s really no point to doing so; you have nothing in the game to purchase.

Words Story in-game purchases, coin shop
Words Story has microtransactions, but coins in-game don’t serve any purpose.

Can you remove the ads?

Yes. Ads in this game another way you can earn in-game coins. As we said earlier though, coins in this game don’t actually serve any purpose, so there’s no incentive to watch ads. The good news is that Words Story lacks any online features other than the ads so if they’re bothering you all you need to do is turn off your internet connection or cellular and you’ll no longer be bothered by them.

Words Story Free Download

All in all, Words Story is an easy word unscrambling game for all ages that serves to pass the time and test your vocabulary a bit. For a free game, it definitely accomplishes what it sets out to do. Enjoy the game, and if you get stuck check out this video that takes you from day 1 to 200. Until then, feel free to check out Words Story along with Zhou Jiaping’s other work right here.

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