16 best free online games

16 best free online games
Mike Braun

Mike Braun

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On the internet, there are millions of cool free-to-play games.

You find many free online games tedious or bland, but there are some hidden gems out there.

Do not worry! We have explored the best online gaming sites to bring you the 16 best free online video games to play right now, with just one click.

16 best free online games

1. is a modern and online version of the classic Snake. You control a serpent and your mission is to eat other smaller snakes to make yourself bigger while avoiding being eaten by the serpents bigger than you.

It is impossible to play just a single game. This online game is going to hook you.

2. Cookie Clicker

Cookie clicker

This is the “clicker game” that started it all. Your only mission is to click uninterruptedly to create cookies.

Little by little, you will unlock power-ups or updates.

3. Doom


The classic first-person shooter is fully available to play online for free from your browser. It includes all levels, difficulty modes, and some useful extras such as wireless command compatibility.

4. Gridland


At first glance, Gridland looks like a Bejeweled clone. But in reality, it is an online strategy game in which you must watch the resources you collect protect you from the threats that will appear when it gets dark.

5. Die 2nite


During the day, you and the other players must work together to build fortifications. At night, the zombies will attack and put your defenses to the test.
6. RuneScape


Forget the typical searching missions like “Pick 7 mushrooms” or “Kill me 5 rats.” Here, every mission is full of puzzles, dungeons, and surprises. You play from your browser but you have to install a client.



SUPERHOT is a great online shooting game in which time is always stopped until you take an action. This invites you to think through each movement. The full version costs money, but you can play a free trial of the prototype that started it all. The full version is available on Steam.

8. Candy Box 2

Candybox 2

Candy Box 2 starts out as such a simple title. You just sit and wait as a ticker keeps adding candy to your collection. However, the game quickly transforms into a bizarre role-playing game. You will buy weapons and power-ups as you embark on thrilling adventures.

9. Escape Goat

Escape the Goat

This platform game became so famous that it ended up having a Steam version. You control a purple goat that has been arrested for witchcraft. You must escape by solving puzzles, moving levers, and even allying yourself with other animals.

10. UNO


Yes, you can play the popular card game online with other players. You can select the difficulty level of the AI, the number of initial cards, and the speed of the game. There is a very competitive online community. If you like this roll, you will feel at home.

11. The World’s Biggest Pac-Man

PacmanUnless you live under a rock, you’ve probably played your fair share of Pac-Man. However, playing the same handful of levels over and over again can get old. This site features the classic Pac-Man levels as well as loads of more levels to navigate. Each labyrinth connects with four more labyrinths, and so on until the end of time. Users themselves create the labyrinths, so be prepared for strange designs or traps.

12. The Last Door

The Last Door
This is an episodic graphic horror adventure inspired by Poe and Lovecraft. Do not let the pixelated presentation fool you: many scares await. The puzzles are not particularly difficult and adapt very well to the story.

13. Blight of the Immortals

Blight of the Immortals
Blight of the Immortals comes off as boring but it manages to be exciting. You must defend yourself against hordes of zombies, but they are so slow that a turn takes six hours in real time. That gives you time to prepare your strategy.

14. Pandemic 2

Pandemic 2

Your mission in this free game is to eradicate all humans using a virus so powerful that no vaccine can stop it. You should be as efficient as possible.

15. Spelunky


The popular indie online game of traps, monsters, secrets, platforms first emerged in the world of browsers. The original version does not exist anymore. Now you can play a new version with tighter controls and more content, all for free.

16. A Dark Room

Firelit room
You start in a dark room, and from there, you will unravel the secrets of a strange event that has destroyed the world. Some common RPG elements are added, like rebuilding a town or dealing with its inhabitants.

Are there any other great free games we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Mike Braun

Mike Braun

Mike Braun is a technology editor for Softonic. He spent his childhood being frustrated by Battletoads, then moved on to being frustrated by that lava level in Aladdin for Sega Genesis. A graduate of Florida State University, he now lives in Portland where he's working on a science fiction novel series and drinking too much coffee.

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