How to take 360º Photos on Facebook

How to take 360º Photos on Facebook

Facebook has a cool new option that allows you to take 360 degree photos. Users can then view these photos by moving their phone around. They work a bit like panoramic photos but are a bit nicer. Until now you needed a 3rd party app to take these types of photos but now you can do them in the Facebook app. Like with their WhatsApp updates Facebook didn’t make too much noise about this new feature so let’s have a look at it in greater detail.

How to take 360º photos and update them to Facebook

1. Install the latest version of Facebook on Android or iOS

You’ll need the most up to date version of the Facebook (Android) or (iPhone) app to take 360º photos. If you can’t find the feature on your version of Facebook, check your updates to see if any are pending or need authorization.

2. Select the 360º Photo option on your Profile

Then you need to go to Update Status in your profile and scroll down. Just below Tag People you should see the option for 360º Photo.


3. Press the Blue Button and Start Spinning

This bit works just like taking a panoramic photo except that you’ll perform a full 360º turn before the camera stops snapping. Remember to try and hold the camera as steady as possible without moving it up or down.

4. Share your 360º Photo

Once you’ve finished taking your full 360º photo all that is left to do is share it.

Please bear in mind that this is still an experimental feature so it might not work as perfectly as you’d like straight away.

What do you think of this new Facebook feature?

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