Creating Images from Scratch with DALL•E 2: The Ultimate Guide!

The DALL•E 2 generative AI can create images in a matter of seconds from text.

Creating Images from Scratch with DALL•E 2: The Ultimate Guide!


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OpenAI has burst into the field of artificial intelligence like an elephant in a china shop. Its generative models (such as ChatGPT or DALL•E 2) have become extremely popular with the public thanks to their incredible capabilities. Today, we will delve into DALL•E 2, the AI that has managed to revolutionize the world of imaging.


DALL•E 2 is a tool that generates images from a description or “prompt”. We as users simply have to write how we want an image to be and what it will contain: DALL•E 2 will create it from our description.

If you want to get the most out of DALL•E 2, follow these tips and tricks to generate your dream images. However, before you begin there are several things to keep in mind:

  • There are some limits to what DALL•E 2 can do: Harmful, misleading, or political content is strictly prohibited by OpenAI policy. In fact, famous people and celebrities appear with distorted faces to avoid the proliferation of “deepfakes”.
  • DALL•E 2 is free, but with a catch: you have 50 free credits for the first month of use and then the amount is reduced to 15 credits. These are charged after entering and completing the generation of an image.

Sign up for OpenAI

To use DALL•E 2 you must be registered on the OpenAI website. This is mandatory if you want to use any company product. Once you have created an account, you will see a search bar at the top of the website. That is where you will have to enter your description. Below, you will see some works to inspire you in case you do not have much idea what to order.

Get creative with your description

When you have thought of what you want to generate, write it in the bar and select Generate. Remember to be specific, since DALL•E 2 is based on your words and thus, you will be able to obtain better results. You can also designate the pictorial style of the image (impressionist, realistic, pop, cubist)…). There are no limits here, so experiment with your descriptions.

Generate several results until you find the right one

DALL•E 2 returns four different results for you to preview based on what you typed. If you’re not satisfied, keep adjusting the terms of your description to delve deeper into what interests you. When a result catches your eye, select it and then click Save. You can also share your image on social networks by clicking Share.

What can I do to get the best images?

If inspiration doesn’t strike you or you just feel overwhelmed, select some of the DALL•E 2 sample images and click Click to try. From there, DALL•E 2 will generate variations that you can customize with your own descriptions.

Although we already mentioned it before, it is important to remember that you have to be very specific with DALL•E 2. Despite its incredible capabilities, it’s still limited to what we tell it to do: DALL•E 2 isn’t going to guess your intentions from infused science, so you have to make it very clear.



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