How to use MomentCam on your PC

How to use MomentCam on your PC

Although some sites have announced it, no, for now there’s no native version of the MomentCam app for PC. But what you can do is run it with BlueStacks App Player. This is how.

MomentCam is an app for iOS and Android to create fun cartoon from photos. It has become a mass phenomenon and has millions of downloads.

To be able to run MomentCam on a PC (or Mac) you will need BlueStacks App Player, a program for Windows (and Mac) that will allow you to run Android apps on your desktop, emulating the look of a smartphone or tablet. Simply follow these steps:

1. Download and install BlueStacks App Player

You can download BlueStacks App Player for Windows from here. Follow the steps on the screen and make sure you do the following to be able to access Google Play:

  • Add a Google account
  • Leave these two boxes ticked (see image)

Make sure you leave these boxes checked

2. Download and install MomentCam from Google Play (through BlueStacks)

From the BlueStacks home screen, write “momentcam” in the search menu, go to Google Play and install the application from there. You might need to add your Google account again to access Google Play.

Search for "momentcam"

3. Open MomentCam in BlueStacks App Player

Once it’s downloaded, click on the app and open it. Now you can use it like you would on your mobile phone.

Soon, you'll be using MomentCam on your computer!

4. Take photos with your webcam or add them from your PC

So, once the app is installed, “How do I add photos?”. You have two options: use the webcam on your PC or just drag and drop any image from your PC to the BlueStacks App Player window with MomentCam open.

Let your creativity run wild

Ready! Now you can enjoy MomentCam without an Android phone or iPhone. Get creative and make funny cartoons from your photos and share them with friends and family.

What do you think of this way of using MomentCam on a PC?

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