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Pinterest: a guide for beginners


So, after years of ignoring your Aunt’s links through Facebook Messenger, you’ve decided to finally create your own Pinterest account. Pinterest is a great resource where you can find everything from recipes to design inspiration, to your new phone wallpaper. Although the website layout seems relatively simple, for the first time user, doing things like creating your own pins might be a bit confusing, but our guide for beginners is here to help.

Complete Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest

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Creating your profile

After entering your email address and creating a password, you’ll enter more basic information like your gender, preferred language and country.

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You’ll then be prompted to install the browser button. This button allows you to save things to your Pinterest account that you see while browsing online outside of Pinterest.

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Imagine that you’re planning a birthday party for a friend and while browsing the web, you come across an awesome layout for a dessert table. With the browser button, you’ll be able to save the link to this page to a Pinterest board full of ideas for the party that you can come back to and reference later, so we definitely recommend installing it. Once installed, a little Pinterest icon will show up in your browser’s toolbar for you to click whenever you want to save a webpage, and another page will open that explains how to save a link.

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Before Pinterest cuts you loose to get sucked into the black hole of architecture designs and Etsy wedding dresses, they ask you to choose a few things that you like in order to get an idea of what to display on your feed. You can choose as many as you like, and the cool part is that whenever you search for something, Pinterest will remember and curate more pins like it.

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Customizing your profile

Pinterest will save your name as the email address you use to sign up, so to change this, just click the three grey dots in the upper right-hand corner of your web page, then click on ‘edit settings.’  Under ‘profile’ you can change your name, add a photo, and a biography.

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You can also navigate to other areas where you can also edit your email address, password, and privacy settings. For example, if someone were to Google workout tips and you don’t want your fitness board to show up,  you can toggle that option off.

Pins and Boards

Now that your profile is all set, you can search for anything you’d like. Let’s go back to your friend’s birthday party. Your friend is a huge “Stranger Things” fan and you want to plan a themed party. Searching for that will display things like recipes, decor ideas, and invitation designs on your feed. Each of these is called a pin, and they can be pictures or links that you can click through to go to the original website that they were posted on.

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When you’ve found an idea that you’d like to save, click on the pin and you’ll be prompted to create and name a board. You can be as specific as you’d like, so you can have your pins for all categories on one board, or you can make a few separate boards. Here, you can also decide whether or not you want other users or people you’ve added to your friends list to see this board. If this party is a surprise party, you can toggle the ‘secret’ button, and only you will be able to see the party board.

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If you’re planning this surprise party with others who also have Pinterest accounts, you can add them as collaborators by searching their names (if you’re friends) or email addresses, so they can also see the board.

Once you get the hang of saving pins and creating boards, you can click on your name and see all of the boards that you have created.

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If you’re looking for something but you’ve gotten pin crazy and have a ton of boards, you can search for a specific pin in the search bar.

Socializing on Pinterest

Another great feature is that you can share pins or entire boards to people that don’t have Pinterest accounts. Just click on a pin, and click on the icon with an arrow pointing up. Then you can send it to someone directly by email, or you can post it on social media accounts.

Pinterest screenshot 8

If you’d like to chat with a friend who does have an account, you can use the messaging box.

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Some of your favorite bloggers and companies have Pinterest boards! If you’d like to follow their boards,  you can search their name in the search bar. You can also click on the ‘following’ button on the top right corner of the page and follow Pinterest boards by category and see what popular boards are currently trending.

Pinterest screenshot 10

Pinterest for businesses

If you’re a blogger, Pinterest is a great way to gain more exposure by upgrading to a free business account. You just link your blog, connect your social media accounts, and when someone saves one of the pins you’ve created from any of your posts you can see how much traffic that each post is getting.

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You can also consult with a Pinterest ad team to help you create ads to expand your reach even further.

Whether it be professionally or just as a fun thing to do in your spare time, Pinterest has something for everyone. A world of video game memes and obscure fruit art awaits, so, what are you waiting for?

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