How to win at 2048: the game’s creator reveals his secrets

2048 is an online puzzle game with a simple concept that’s nevertheless extremely addictive. The goal is to move the numbered boxes on a grid in order to achieve the score of 2048 by adding numbers of the same value.

Are you addicted to 2048? We are too! So in order to regain a little bit of serenity in our lives, we asked Gabriele Cirulli, the creator of the game, for some help. The young Italian developer kindly shared his preferred techniques with us so we could put an end to our frustration and wreak havoc on the screen!

The technique I found […] is to only move the boxes in three directions, while keeping the highest number in a corner. This technique means you’ll get chain reactions that then make it easy to achieve a high number.

Let’s see together how quickly we can put the teachings of the master into practice to make the most of the odds.

Don’t go in all directions

2048 Solution Tips Corner Test

Choose a corner of the grid and make all your moves in this direction…

Choose three directions and only use these three to move your boxes. Choose a corner of the grid and make all your moves in that direction first. By following this technique, you’ll avoid being blocked by finding yourself short of moves.

In the example above, I chose the lower left corner. Using only the Down, Up and Left arrow keys, I could quickly combine my boxes to get to 64. Try to avoid deviating from this rule as much as possible.

[Update 03/24/2014]

Our colleague, Ernesto, from Softonic Brazil, told us that he has managed to reach 2048 by following the 2 steps mentioned above – he just wanted to share that with you. He says it’s a great way to win without burning out!

Always keep sight of the highest number

2048 Solution Tips Chain reaction TestChain reactions let you quickly get to 2048…

By always keeping your highest box in the corner (the one you chose at the beginning of the game), you can quickly create chain reactions, bringing you closer to 2048 points. Here, I’m keeping my 256 box in the upper left corner so I can clear the grid with a chain reaction.

So here you go: the two strategic pillars of 2048!, straight from the creator himself. It’s now up to you to put these teachings into practice and become part of the elite group of the 1% of players who reach 2048!

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