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Best Apps To Increase Work Productivity in 2022

Joy Sarcar


Work productivity has become more relevant in 2022 as most companies around the world have completely shifted towards work from home. Moreover, with technological advancement, we are not in an era where a company can comfortably make a profit while having no office or headquarters.

Therefore, since everyone seems to be working from home, we have listed 10 apps to boost your work productivity.

Best Apps To Increase Work Productivity in 2022

Top 10 apps to increase work productivity in 2022

1. Gmail 

Gmail is a fantastic app for productivity that has a lot of professional use. However, if you are a working person, you just need to deal with many emails from work every day. Sorting them out of all the junk and spam mail is hectic and time-consuming work. However, if you use Gmail, it does it for free. 

Gmail is a free email service by Google, and it has several features that enable you to work more productively. One recent addition to their long list of features is the “Google Meet,” where you can have a video conference with up to 500 people at once. And this option is available on the Gmail app to easily use Gmail to create an online classroom if required. Plus, it is all for free! 

Best Apps To Increase Work Productivity in 2022

2. WPS Office

WPS Office is a lighter version of the Microsoft office, but that does not mean it lacks features. On the contrary, WPS Office has almost all the Microsoft office features. Moreover, the WPS office is smaller and can run on old laptops and mobile phones very efficiently. 

This app helps create documents, presentations, sheets, and other work-related documents very easily. You should know that you will require an internet connection to use this app as it is a cloud-based service. The good thing is that the app is free, and there is no subscription that you need to pay. 

Best Apps To Increase Work Productivity in 2022

3. Google Docs

Every writer had gone through a time when they forgot to save a document, and the battery went out. or the computer’s hard drive gets damaged, and all your saved documents just vanish. It leads to a devastating loss of hard work and time. But to ensure this never happens, you will have to upload all your documents to drive, and to be honest; this gets a little irritating. 

But with google docs, you can automatically write and save that document on your google drive account. It helps you save time on uploading each document from your pc to drive, and you can be more productive with your extra free time. Furthermore, with Google docs, you get almost every feature that you get with the Microsoft Word application.  

Best Apps To Increase Work Productivity in 2022

4. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is more than a simple messaging app after a few recent updates. Now WhatsApp is better equipped with features that can help you manage your business and employees. For example, you can do meetings on WhatsApp with eight people. 

In addition, you can use their payment system integrated with the app to pay your employees and make the process very efficient. Moreover, WhatsApp has many users, and it is possible that your team already uses WhatsApp, so it will be easier to do your work online and be more productive using Whatsapp

Best Apps To Increase Work Productivity in 2022

5. Canva 

Create new designs and videos quickly with Canva. This powerful tool lets you design several types of images and videos for your work. While You can do everything you can create on Canva on photoshop or other popular tools, Canva makes that process simple and easy to use. 

Even if you are a novice in the designing world, you can create a beautiful image using features like drag and create. Not only that, but you can also animate videos using Canva. So if you are a graphic designer, it is a must-have tool that works on both mobile and pc. 

Best Apps To Increase Work Productivity in 2022

6. Slack

Emails are formal and can be used as a way to communicate with your senior or junior. However, when you chat with your colleagues who are working on the same project, emailing them every minute is a bit awkward and inefficient. 

That is why Slack is so revolutionary. When talking to your teammates, you can use Slack, and it will simplify the work messages. With Slack, you can plan projects and organize chats according to topics or work. In addition, you can make calls and video calls among your teammates and more. 

Best Apps To Increase Work Productivity in 2022

7. Trello

Are you looking for a way to manage your team that works independently from their home location? Then, Trello is the one you are looking for. Trello lets you manage and increase the productivity of your employees. 

With this app, you can create work cards that include the information that one needs to complete the task. These cards help you by showing all the information in one place so that the employees do not need to waste time finding information related to the project from their supervisors or colleagues. 

Best Apps To Increase Work Productivity in 2022

8. Be Focused

Are you procrastinating and missing out on work? Not anymore. Be Focused is a truly revolutionary app for those who need a little push to get back on their work and finish on time. This app is especially for those who need little breaks during their hectic shifts. 

With this app, you can break up your working hours into 25 minutes shifts and five minute break time between each shift. You can even assign a task on a particular shift that you create and add notes to yourself. The best part is that the app is completely free to download and use. 

Best Apps To Increase Work Productivity in 2022

9. Google Calendar 

Do you also feel swamped with work and forget to join a meeting or miss an important date? It might make you wish you had a personal assistant who would manage your work and remind you of important dates and times. 

However, if you use Google Calendar, you will not need a personal assistant as it can do it all and more. For example, you can save important days like birthdays, client meeting dates, meeting times, add notes regarding meeting agendas, and more. 

Best Apps To Increase Work Productivity in 2022

10. Zapier

Imagine you are impressed by all the above-listed apps, and you decided to install them all. However, using them all will take up a lot of your time that you could have used in working. 

To counter this and increase your productivity Zapier has developed an app that lets you integrate all work productivity apps in a single app. From there, you can use all the features of the individual app that you connect with Zapier. You can read your messages, send mail, talk to clients, and more with Zapier. 

Best Apps To Increase Work Productivity in 2022

May you have a productive year!

In the end, we can conclude by saying that these apps, as mentioned above, are the best of the best in aiding your work productivity. In addition, we have mentioned the best apps that can assist various types of work and will help you be more productive. 

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