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Instagram series

Instagram series
Pier Francesco Piccolomini

Pier Francesco Piccolomini

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This Softonic guide is for people who want to be Instagram stars, using the app to make the most beautiful photos and videos you can, increasing your followers and making them happy in the process!

Instagram represents a tiny revolution in the world of the smartphone, transforming non-professional photography into a self-contained world bursting with possibilities. How? By mixing a social network with an evocative world of Polaroid-like vintage filters. That’s why we decided that to get the most from Instagram, we needed to give you tips and tricks that bridge the two worlds that make up Instagram: photography and social networks.

What will you learn?

Lots! From basic photo techniques and video editing to tricks to increase your followers and use Instagram Direct. And that won’t be all. If you’ve got an Android or iPhone, and an Instagram account, you’re going to see just how easy it is to go from taking your first steps as an Instagrammer to becoming a bona fide professional of the social network.

Who should read it?

Anyone who has Instagram installed and uses it from time to time, but who also wants to learn how to get more from it, both in terms of maximizing the quality of the photos you take, to building a solid identity in the world’s largest photographic community.

The series

The episodes planned for this series are below, and will be updated as they are published:

So grab your smartphone, and lets start taking some beautiful photos!

Pier Francesco Piccolomini

Pier Francesco Piccolomini

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