International channels galore wth Stream TV

International channels galore wth Stream TV

Stream_TVStream TV is a relatively unknown P2P TV streaming app that claims to offer more than 1400 completely free live and pre-recorded streaming TV channels. It’s particularly aimed at sports fans with a variety of sporting orientated channels on offer although not much live stuff. In addition, it’s all in English so unlike its Asian rivals, it’s relatively easy to install and use.

Obviously, you don’t need a TV card to use Stream TV, because the TV channels are streamed in real-time through your Internet connection. The interface looks simple with a large TV screen on the left and the channels listed down the right window pane. There are only 5 or 6 channels listed at one time which makes Stream TV different to many others which list hundreds of them at once. However, if you want to scroll through all the channels, it can become a bit of a pain waiting for them to roll into the pane. Buffering time for most channels is usually no more than 30 seconds and the streaming quality is generally excellent.

So what about the channels? Stream TV is obviously aiming at the European market, especially sport lovers. It includes major European channels such as German 3-Sat to DW-TV and even English speaking channels such as BBC News and C-Span. However, it seems that many of the streams are pre-recorded suggesting that if there’s live football on, you might end up disappointed. One such channel is the FIFA World Cup football and Formula One channels which seem to broadcast on a loop. There are also hundreds of other channels from around Europe and beyond, although many of them refuse to buffer. Examples of those available include ESPN, RIO, All Music, US and Fashion TV. There are also around 25 devoted news channels and 30 movie channels in various languages.

Stream TV includes several useful screening features such as Full Screen mode and even the option to connect your own external remote control device. The window is also easily movable so you can stick it in the corner whilst you get on with your work or e-mailing. It also has a handy favourites list to save your favourite channels. However, there seems to be no option to save or record your favourite streams – something that is becoming increasingly standard on most P2P TV apps.

Overall, the key thing missing on Stream TV is live football which is what the majority of European users seek from these applications. However, the fact that it has many English language channels and is easy to use means it’s a good introduction for anyone new to P2P TV.

Pros: Lots of English channels, Easy to install and use

Cons: Many channels don’t stream, Too many pre-recorded or looping channels, No live football

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