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Macbooster: the top free tool to optimize your Mac

Macbooster: the top free tool to optimize your Mac
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Disclosure: Our team is always looking for things we think our readers will value. We have received compensation for publishing this article.

Mac owners are often under the impression that their computers don’t need resources to help them run more smoothly. Yet the fact is, Macs can be just as susceptible to bloatware, unnecessary system files, bits of forgotten programs that have been uninstalled, and duplicate files that do nothing but hog resources. Even if you’re meticulous in keeping your Mac in order, chances are that you’re bound to miss the things that are keeping your system from running at peak performance.

That’s where Macbooster comes in. Produced by IObit, a trusted name in software development, Macbooster has just had its eighth release – which demonstrates the dedication the IObit team has to constantly improving its product.

What it is

Macbooster is an all-in-one system optimization tool for Macs. It analyzes every corner of your system, seeking out files that keep your computer from running at its full potential and then either removes the files for you automatically, or allows you to decide what to delete and what to keep. 

When the software is first launched, you are given the option to run a full system scan. Upon its completion, you will be presented with an overview of three areas in which your computer may need improving

System Junk: A look at files that do little more than take up space on your machine including leftover code from iOS software updates, application junk files, your iTunes cache, software installation utilities that are no longer needed, and more.

Virus and Malware: Scans your system for potentially damaging files that can creep onto your Mac despite its famous safeguards against viruses. 

Turbo Boost: Examines items like disk permissions and looks for places to optimize the functioning of your drive and your storage configurations.

Click into any one of these categories, and you’re provided complete details regarding the results of the scan. You then simply click the “Fix” button and the software gets to work making things better, or you can choose what you’d like to repair.

On top of the main scans, the software also provides its tools as individual functions. These include a memory cleaning function; privacy protection; an uninstaller, which completely deletes all files associated with a program; a start-up optimizer; a duplicate finder; photo sweeper; and a solution for finding large and old files that you may no longer need.

What’s new

In version 8 of the software, IObit has given its Swiss-Army-knife software even more functionality by increasing the functionality of Turbo Boost with more disk optimization items; expanding and updating its malware database; improving and smoothing out the interface; and fixing the few bug reports the software company received since its last release. It has also made the software completely compatible with macOS Catalina, so it is basically one of the most cutting-edge optimization tools you can own right now

Free download

To get a sense of how Macbooster 8 works, you can download a fully-functional trial version for one week. You can use the software to run a scan of your system and fix any issues that are uncovered. While you can cancel any time during your first seven days with no penalty, the reasonable rates make keeping Macbooster easy decision though, with robust plans starting at just $3.33 per month.

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