From Scream Queen to Oscar Winner: Jamie Lee Curtis Wins Big!

From Scream Queen to Oscar Winner: Jamie Lee Curtis Wins Big!
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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The 2023 Oscars Ceremony is back. The movie party organized by the Hollywood Academy delights us, year after year, with iconic moments like Will Smith‘s famous slap last year. With his return, they have not left any similar moment, but in return has distributed a very evenly matched awards.

After Ke Huy Quan won the statuette for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Everything Everywhere All at Once, Jamie Lee Curtis won Best Supporting Actress. It was the second Oscar of the night for the film directed by the Daniels, and undoubtedly a more than deserved one.

Jamie Lee Curtis on 'Everything Everywhere All at Once”s 'Real' Look |  IndieWire

Jaime Lee Curtis beats Angela Bassett for Best Supporting Actress

Although it was one of the most evenly matched awards of the night, the Academy finally went for the actress considered the “scream queen” for her roles in the Halloween saga. The favorite in this category was Angela Bassett, nominated for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but Curtis’ work won out.


“Dad, Mom, I just won an Oscar!” exclaimed the actress as she held the award in her hands, being true to her usual good humor but with a quick speech in which, unlike Ke Huy Quan’s, there was less room for drama and more for fun.

Without a doubt, Everything Everywhere All at Once has become the film of the night. The Daniels’ film has managed to reach the top thanks to its good work as a revolutionary film of a genre. Undoubtedly, it has been one of the last big news for Hollywood in recent years.

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