Keeping your registry in check

Keeping your registry in check

regseeker.jpegRegistry errors are one of the main reasons for system crashes and poor PC performance. Your registry contains important information about your computer’s configuration and many malware or spyware programs can corrupt it. There are a number of commercial programs which can help such as Registry Mechanic but fortunately there are also a few free programs to help you.

One of the most downloaded is RegSeeker which as well as cleaning your registry, can also display information such as startup entries, installed applications and much more. You can perform searches within your registry and also tweak it to optimise your operating system and get rid of broken shortcuts.

Another excellent free alternative is EasyCleaner which searches specifically for obsolete backup and temp files that may be cluttering your registry. EasyCleaner can also go a bit further in managing startup programs, invalid shortcuts and your add/remove software list.

If speed is a major issue, then try Advanced WindowsCare. This goes beyond simple registry cleaning and tries to specifically target registry bottlenecks that are slowing down your PC. Finally, if there’s an awkward registry entry that you simply can’t remove, then HijackThis is sure to get rid of it. However, you must be very careful when using it as it allows you complete manual access to your registry and removing the wrong entry could end up corrupting your operating system!

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