LEGO The Hobbit: How to unlock all game characters

LEGO The Hobbit: How to unlock all game characters

Imagine what it would be like to star in The Hobbit next to Galadriel, Sauron, and even Peter Jackson himself. Like in previous LEGO games (such as The Movie or Marvel Super Heroes), LEGO The Hobbit hides many secrets you’ll discover as you play.

Today we’ll help you in this task by showing you how to get over 25 additional characters.

Forget about complicated challenges or completing never-ending missions, unlocking characters in LEGO The Hobbit is as easy as using a code. Follow the steps you’ll find below and start enjoying extra characters with amazing powers.

How to unlock additional characters

  • Pause the game.
  • Go to Extras.
  • Access Enter Code.
  • Write the codes you’ll find below to get the characters you want.
  • Every time you start a new game you’ll have to enter the codes of the characters you want.

LEGO The Hobbit

List of additional characters in LEGO The Hobbit

Alfrid – FAVZTR

Azog – 84ZZSI

Bain – W5Z6AC

Bard – UER3JG

Barliman Butterbur – XTVM8C

Barrow-Wight – 555R9C

Beorn – KEID2V


Braga – MXUXKO

Elros – H2CAID

Fimbul – THAVRM

Galadriel – 00TE7J

Gollum – 3CE37P

Grinnah – TPD7YW

Lindir – V4Y5HZ

Master of Lake-town – 9NOK35

Narzug – 4FYKKB

Necromancer – NM3I2O

Percy – 74KN31

Peter Jackson – 5OJEUC

Rosie Cotton – TB4S6J

Sauron – OARA3D

Thror – SYKSXF

Tom Bombadil – 4Y95TJ

Witch-king – V8AHMJ

Yazneg – S6VV33

Have you tried LEGO: The Hobbit? Download the game here.

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