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3 hidden features on WhatsApp

3 hidden features on WhatsApp
Maria Baeta

Maria Baeta

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WhatsApp has so many features that sometimes, useful ones go unnoticed. Today, we’re looking at three great options that you might not have known about.


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3 hidden features on WhatsApp

1. Send higher quality photos

Normally we send photos through the “Gallery” option, but that compresses them so that they occupy less space. If you want to send photos in maximum quality,  send them through Document.


2. Pin chats

Chats in WhatsApp are sorted by last received message, but there is a way to set a chat so that it always appears among the first ones.

To pin a chat, go to the main WhatsApp window and keep your finger pressed on it. Then tap on the thumbtack to pin it. Want to unpin one? Repeat the process. You can pin up to three chats at a time.

Pin chats

3. Mark messages as favorites

Quite often, friends send us funny messages or useful information that we’d like to look up whenenever we want to see it. You can save them in a separate notebook or, better yet, favorite them. 

To do this, touch the message you want to highlight then touch the star icon.

Favorite messages are saved in the corresponding chat under the general information of the group. Search for “Featured Messages” and you’ll find them there.

whatsapp cowWrapping up

We hope that at least one of these tips changed how you will use WhatsApp. With the ever-increasing popularity of WhatsApp, we hope that there will be more cool hidden features to talk about in the feature.

Maria Baeta

Maria Baeta

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