After One Piece, what would a live-action Naruto be like? We present you with the perfect cast

Netflix might get the itch to adapt the ninja's story

After One Piece, what would a live-action Naruto be like? We present you with the perfect cast
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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It’s already a reality: the live-action adaptation of One Piece has turned out to be a great success. Netflix’s series was expected to be another misstep in its catalog, especially considering how other adaptations, like Death Note or Cowboy Bebop, had turned out. However, thanks to their good work and the assistance of Eiichiro Oda, the series about the Pirate King has worked perfectly.

This success opens the doors to a multitude of new possibilities for Netflix. What’s next? Beyond the second season of One Piece, which should be coming soon, there are many anime series in the platform’s catalog that could receive an adaptation following this new path.

Fullmetal Alchemist, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer… there are many IPs that, now that it has been proven possible, could follow the path of One Piece. But there’s one that’s even more successful than One Piece and, surprisingly, could potentially have an anime adaptation that lives up to it: Naruto.

Discover the perfect cast for Naruto

Naruto is one of the most popular manga of the 21st century, and alongside One Piece and Bleach, it was part of the Big Three for years, a trio so popular that it helped the genre grow worldwide. A well-executed adaptation may seem challenging, but with the right casting, as seen with One Piece, it could turn out well.

From Screen Rant, they have made a proposal, and when combined with our ideas, there are indeed reasons for excitement. However, it’s unclear whether they would go for a Japanese cast given the ninja theme or, as in the case of One Piece, they might be more flexible. Below, we present the proposals that seem most interesting to us.


Naruto – Oakes Fegley

The ideal scenario would be to have an unknown actor whom we discover through the series, much like a significant portion of the One Piece cast. However, there’s an actor who would fit well as the young version of Naruto: Oakes Fegley. He has appeared in The Fabelmans and Pete’s Dragon, and he’s a young Hollywood star. However, he’s already 18 years old, so if they want to adapt Naruto’s childhood stage, it may be challenging.

Sasuke – Tenzing Norgay Trainor

For Sasuke, Naruto’s rival and another of the main protagonists, a good option could be Tenzing Norgay Trainor, known for appearing in Clueless or Abominable. However, once again, he is 22 years old, so it would have to be for the Naruto Shippuden stage.

Sakura – Oona O’Brien

The third member of Team 7, Sakura, could be played by Oona O’Brien, an Asian actress who has already showcased her acting skills in Cobra Kai. She would be a great counterpart to Sasuke and Naruto and could perfectly capture the essence of her character. Once again, age could pose a challenge, but there are potential solutions to consider.

Kakashi – Ludi Lin

Kakashi sensei, the leader of Team 7, is an experienced ninja and one of the most well-developed characters in the manga (if not the best). For this significant role, a good choice could be Ludi Lin, a Chinese-Canadian actor and model who has appeared in Mortal Kombat, Power Rangers, and Kung Fu. He’s an expert in martial arts, which would make him a fitting candidate.

Orochimaru – Mark Dacascos

The primary antagonist in the early part of Naruto is Orochimaru, a deadly enemy who threatens the entire village and confronts the protagonists until he ensnares Sasuke. An ideal cast for this villain could be Mark Dacascos, an actor who has already appeared in Knights of the Zodiac and John Wick 3. With the right characterization, he would make a formidable adversary.

Shikamaru – Daniel DiMaggio

While there are many young ninja characters to consider for the perfect cast, one of the most important is undoubtedly Shikamaru. An ideal choice for this character could be Daniel DiMaggio, whom we have already seen in American Housewife.

Gaara – Ty Tenant

And for Gaara, another significant antagonist in Naruto who ultimately becomes an ally, Ty Tennant could be a good choice. Ty Tennant, the son of David Tennant, is already well-known thanks to his role in “House of the Dragon.” If you already dislike him for his character in that HBO Max series, you might dislike him even more in Naruto.

Other characters

There are many other crucial characters whose casting would be essential to make this series successful. From the Third Hokage to Tsunade, including Jiraiya, the list of characters is vast, and they all need to be well-defined. However, after One Piece, we’re giving Netflix a small vote of confidence to do it right… if it ever comes to that.


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