Liven up your desktop with a companion

Liven up your desktop with a companion

laraDesktop Companions are the sort of thing you either love or hate. If you’re a fan of that little paper clip man that assists you in Microsoft Office or the snuffling Bloodhound that accompanies Windows searches, then you might like to add a companion to your desktop. However, unlike the aforementioned desktop assistants, companions are more about livening up your desktop that actually helping you navigate Windows.

One of my favourites is DesktopPlant. If you don’t have much luck keeping real plants alive then try giving some love and attention to a virtual Azelea. You’ll be surprised how therapeutic it is to actually take time out from work and tend to your plant and watch the 3D image grow day by day. You can even add fertilizer and trim your precious flower as it grows. If you’re really looking to spice things up or if you’re a big Tomb Raider fan, then what better that Lara Croft to accompany those long hours slaving away behind the computer? Desktop Lara doesn’t actually do that much although she will occasionally jump around, do some stretches and make the odd comment.

For something a bit more cute and loveable however, Oska Desktop Mate can’t be beat. When you leave Oska alone he will amuse himself and will randomly select one of the animations from his library. However, you can also click on the little furball, he’ll perform one of the many animations you can choose from – everything from somersaults to star-jumps.

Note that all of these program are trials so to enjoy the full animations, you’ll have to upgrade them to the full version.

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