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Lords Mobile Hero Stages Guide

Lords Mobile Hero Stages Guide
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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If you plan on unlocking some of the best heroes or familiars in Lords Mobile, you’ll need to complete the Chapters and Stages in the action strategy game. After Skirmish 2: Ridge Attack, you’ll unlock Hero Stages where you’ll team up with other players to combat non-playable characters (NPCs). 

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Here’s our Lords Mobile Hero Stages Guide to the different modes you can expect and which heroes are the best selection.

Lords Mobile Hero Stages Guide

Do you see the golden hero statue located in the middle of the turf? That’s your access to the hero stages. However, you’ll need to understand the different modes before running into battle.

Mode 1: Normal

When you begin the Lords Mobile Hero Stages, it will be the normal mode. There are eight chapters in total, each setting the scene with 18 stages. Every third stage is known as the main arena, which you can re-enter at will. It costs six stamina to enter each stage, while you’ll receive crowns for defeating a boss with no or few deaths.

Mode 2: Elite

Remember those ‘main stages’ we mentioned before? Well, you can choose to complete these boss arenas in elite mode. The difficulty will be more challenging, and you’ll receive medals as rewards for completion. You’ll need to complete the normal mode with three crowns before you can access the elite version.

Mode 3: Challenge

Once you complete Elite Chapter 4, you’ll unlock challenges. You won’t have to pay stamina to enter the challenge stages, but there are special restrictions in place. You’ll receive gems this time as rewards, while you can only complete challenges once and unlock trials thereafter. 

Mode 4: Sweeping

If you want to replay previous normal and elite chapters without actually entering the battle, you can try sweeping. However, this function only becomes available after VIP Level 6. If you have enough stamina, you can instantly clear stages and receive medals and other rewards. Feel free to perform a single sweep or ten sweeps in one go.

Choosing the best heroes for stages

Finding the best heroes for each stage can be challenging. However, it’s the makeup of the team that’s significant, and perhaps not the actual heroes. For instance, you’ll need a healer, a tank, and about three stunners. 

For this guide, we’ll recommend, Incinerator, Prima Donna, Child of Light, Tracker, and Black Crow. However, you can’t go wrong with Rose Knight, seen as one of the top Lords Mobile heroes. Child of Light is a powerful tank with better cavalry costs and an excellent stun. To keep your team’s vitality high, you can’t go wrong with Prima Donna.

Setting the stage for glory

Don’t let anyone fool you. Understanding how the Lords Mobile Hero stages work is vital towards successful gameplay. It might look like a walk in the park until all the various chapters and hero combinations start confusing you. We hope this guide helped you achieving victories in various modes.

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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