Mac and Firefox: A Match Made in Heaven?

Mac and Firefox: A Match Made in Heaven?

One of the things that is so attractive about virtually all Apple products is that these systems work out-of-the-box. There is very little setup, downloading of software, or configuration, making Apple an ideal digital solution for people who don’t spend all their time working in a tech department or for busy folks who don’t have time to learn potentially-complex operating system requirements.

But even as simple as Apple’s Mac is to get up and running on its own, Mac users can still find use for third-party applications like Firefox.

For starters, Firefox is not tied to Apple exclusively, so if some type of breach or hack were to occur within Apple, Firefox users would largely remain unaffected.

But cyber security is just one reason why Mac users love Firefox. The Firefox browser is overloaded with convenient features, and it works well with some web interfaces that don’t tend to work well with Apple’s native browser. Additionally, as a free, open-source solution, Firefox is not directly tied to any of the Silicon Valley tech giants. This means it’s totally independent of any operating system and can be used across different platforms.

Basic System Requirements for Firefox on a Mac

For Mac users, Firefox requires OS X 10.6 or higher and an Intel processor. A new version of Firefox is released every six weeks to address all known bugs and security issues, and the browser is set by default to update itself, so there is no reason to go out of your way to seek out updates; however, anytime that you wish to update to the latest version, you can do so for free on a Mac or other operating system.

Getting Help: Firefox Community Forum

Another tremendous benefit to using Firefox for Mac is the community support forum. The community support forum is open to all Mac users, as well as users of other operating systems, including mobile operating systems, and you will usually receive an answer quite quickly after asking for assistance. Or, you can browse questions other users have asked previously, and most often, you can find immediate answers there as well.

Outstanding Firefox Add-Ons

Mac users also flock to Firefox because it offers a powerful bunch of add-ons. Once you get used to the Firefox browser, which is quick to learn and very intuitive, you might want to consider popular add-ons, like Adblock Plus, Video Download Helper, No Script Security Suite, and Easy Screenshot. These add-ons make an already useful browser positively power-packed.

To learn more about the benefits of using Firefox on a Mac or other operating system, check out this article: Five Reasons I Left Chrome for Firefox.

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