Mac applications that make smart use of Bluetooth

mac and bluetoothHave you ever used the Bluetooth connection settings on your Mac? It allows you to connect wirelessly with any mobile phone, PDA, keyboard, mouse or other Bluetooth-enabled electronic device and easily exchange information in a short range. Bluetooth is very simple to set up, as easy as opening up Airport access and is as effective. You may not know this, but more and more applications now have some sort of Bluetooth capability. Although most are related to some sort of mobile device, you will find more traditional Mac applications that handle the wireless connection protocol. I’ve singled out a few. Let me explain to you how they use Bluetooth.

  • Bluetooth Texter – Nifty little Dashboard widget that connects to your mobile device via Blutooth and uses it to send SMS messages.
  • Phone Wallpaper X – Select and edit your wallpaper on your Mac then send it to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Easy and quick way of updating the appearance of your mobile device.
  • Delicious Library – The award winning cataloger lets you add new books, videos and more with a Bluetooth barcode scanner…if you have one at home. A quick way of scanning your items instead of using your iSight camera.
  • wiSync – Still have an old iPhone model? If it’s jailbroken you can set up wiSync and make use of fast Bluetooth synchronization features. This will ensure you have the same files on  your iPhone and your Mac.
  • SteerMouse – Make use of that snazzy Bluetooth mouse you bought recently. Assign functions, customize the scroll ball and set both speed and mouse movements.
  • Booxter – Just like with Delicious Library, the Booxter cataloger lets you add items with a handheld Bluetooth bar code scanner. Small shops with a Mac will find this extremely handle to keep track of items.
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