Mac Character Key Help Guide

Mac Character Key Help Guide

Character KeysThe folks at Liquidicity have designed these great looking character key shortcut help guides. You can download them all in one lengthy PDF, or three smaller sheets. These should help you learn all those keyboard shortcuts on Mac and become an expert.

Looking for a complete list of Mac Keyboard shortcuts? Try our ultimate guide.

Otherwise, you can install one of the following keyboard shortcut applications for Mac.

AliasKeys associates keystrokes to folders, allowing you to open and close any type of application, folder or file with a touch of your keyboard.

Keyboard Maestro is a resourceful application that lets you add any keyboard shortcut to virtually any action on your Mac. Its Switcher window also lets you quickly access most popular folders and applications.

DoubleCommand lets you change the way your keyboard works to how best you like it. It can be particularly useful if you’re using a PC keyboard with a Mac.

KeyCue is probably the app that most resembles the Liquidicity help guides. Hold down the command key to display a table of all the menu shortcuts on Mac.

A popular and free alternative to KeyCue is CheatSheet.

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