MacToSchool bundle offered by developers

Back to schoolThe MacToSchool bundle was ingeniously crafted by a few developers to offer some good Mac applications to all of you concerned by the start of the school year: teachers, parents and of course students. We believe the bundle, at a price of $49.95 and offering around $300 dollars worth of applications, is a good deal as it turns to lesser known but quality Mac applications.

Mori is an instinctive note taker that keeps all your notes organized in a plain but well structured interface and, best of all, uses the Mac Spotlight search technology. Writeroom can be called in on the eve of turning in your essay, when you absolutely need to focus on finishing your paper. It’s a slimmed down word processor that can be customized by setting page layout, colors and fonts. Atomic Mac is the perfect companion to any science student, a simple periodic table of elements with loads of extra science information. Family is an odd inclusion in the back to school bundle, as it’s more of a genealogy tree application, but it can be used by principals to map out classrooms and the school staff throughout the years, knowing who’s in charge of what. There are many more programs included in the MacToSchool bundle and we suggest you take a look at it to see if it’s worth your investment.

Educators, you can also turn to our top tools for teachers, although be aware that this post only lists up Windows applications.

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