Make computers easier to use for the elderly

Elena Santos


Every time I go back home I try to convince my Mum to buy a laptop and start using Internet, but she always rejects my offer with the same excuse: “It’s too difficult for someone my age”. Though I do know people who are already in their seventies and use computers every day,  many people at that age find those awful machines just too complicated. This is where Eldy comes in handy.

Eldy replaces the standard Windows desktop with a special interface, designed for senior users, with large buttons and text, and a colorful mouse pointer that stands out on the screen. The buttons take you to basic Internet activities, such as checking your email, browsing the web, chatting with other people and watching online videos.

The Useful Buttons in Eldy includes shortcuts to the Documents folder in Windows, the Notepad and also Skype – which is a good thing, since Skype is probably the most used app among the elderly in order to keep in touch with their kids all over the world.

Eldy features a step-by-step configuration wizard that makes it very easy to set up; in fact, you can get your parents or grandparents involved in the process of configuring the program, so that they familiarize themselves with the program – and also with using a keyboard and a mouse!

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