Massive Team Fortress 2 update focuses on rebalancing game

Massive Team Fortress 2 update focuses on rebalancing game

Team Fortress 2 has always been a fun game because of its balanced classes and weapons. But with time, some weapons and items have become either too powerful or not powerful enough. Valve has crunched the data on weapon and item usage to determine where the game needed to be rebalanced. The update is huge and may alter how you play the game moving forward.

One of the biggest changes in this update is to the Dead Ringer, one of the most powerful weapons in the Spy’s loadout. The Dead Ringer allows a Spy to feign a death and escape. Valve noticed that 80% of Spies used the Dead Ringer, meaning the weapon was seen as more powerful than the other Spy cloaks. With the rebalanced Dead Ringer, Spies will be given less time cloaked after a death if he or she receives damage. This gives opponents a better chance of tracking down that Spy and will require Spies to become better at evading enemies while cloaked.

tf2 soldier

The Soldier’s Battalion’s Backup also gets rebalanced since it was only ever equipped by 15% of players. Valve found out it was because players suffered too much damage and eventually died trying to build up the buff. The update makes it so that the Battalion’s Backup will charge when dealing damage, and will reduce damage while the buff is activated.

Item sets have also been rebalanced so that players don’t feel the pressure to only wear the complete set.

There are a ton more bug fixes and item updates so hit up the source link to read the entire list.


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