Microsoft is considering adding AI-generated dynamic wallpapers to Windows 11

The revolution of not paying artists

Microsoft is considering adding AI-generated dynamic wallpapers to Windows 11
Daniel García

Daniel García

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The trend of Artificial Intelligence continues to make its way into major companies, even to reduce costs in areas like artistic design. Microsoft, one of the companies that strongly embraces this technology, is now considering releasing dynamic wallpapers for Windows 11 created by generative AIs.

This is neither the first nor the last case in which we see this trend. However, it’s noteworthy that companies as large as Microsoft are not opting for established artists and editors who could create dynamic wallpapers that might be superior to those generated by AI. Nonetheless, the current trend is leading them to consider using this system for potential dynamic desktop backgrounds.

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Artificial Intelligence remains in vogue

This idea is just one of the many that Windows has in mind alongside AI. The company founded by Bill Gates considers this technology one of its short-term priorities and is working on numerous features where these systems can be implemented. This way, Windows 11 would become an operating system fully open to advances in Artificial Intelligence.

The possibility of AI-powered dynamic wallpapers is just one of the functionalities that this technology brings. For example, Windows has already released Bing Chat, a generative text AI similar to Chat GPT, which can be used in browsers like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Bing Chat is already operational and is based on GPT-4

The lights and shadows of Artificial Intelligence

In objective terms, the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence today are fascinating and reaching limits that were unimaginable not too long ago. However, behind these tools, in addition to potentially dangerous uses, both in criminal and ethical contexts, there are also significant privacy gaps that the European Union has not yet fully addressed.

Artificial Intelligence has grown significantly in recent years, but in 2023, we are witnessing such rapid advances that there isn’t enough time to properly regulate them. Therefore, in this scenario, AI is also generating many social problems, making it sometimes the only barrier to carrying out harmful actions through AI is the conscience of each individual.

Daniel García

Daniel García

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