Microsoft Lync 2013 out for Windows Phone, iOS app to follow this week

lync 2013 ipad

lync 2013 logoMicrosoft Lync 2013 is an excellent chat client for corporate users and now you can take it on the go with you. Microsoft has released a version of Lync 2013 for Windows Phone 8 today and an iOS version will be coming this week.

Windows Phone 8 gets the Lync 2013 app first because, of course, it’s Microsoft’s own product. Microsoft has submitted the iOS app today so it should take about a week for it to be approved. We’ll have a full review of it when it’s released.

The iOS app will seem very familiar if you’ve used Skype on iOS before. VoIP and video will function as you would expect. You can initiate voice or video calls from within the app. Your contacts list will show up to the left with status messages and color codes for the current status of each contact. One handy feature is the network quality graphic within the chat so you know when your network is experiencing issues.

The iPad app will have desktop and application sharing capabilities. This feature was probably omitted from the iPhone version as it requires a large screen in order for screen sharing to work. This makes the iPad more useful as a corporate tool.

lync 2013 ipad

There’s no word when an Android version of Lync 2013 will arrive. In the mean time, Android users can use Lync 2010.

Source: The Lync Team Blog

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