Microsoft’s big security plans for Windows 10 revealed

Microsoft’s big security plans for Windows 10 revealed

Later this year, we can expect Windows 10 to be “the most secure Windows ever“, according to Microsoft, although the harsh reality is that the popular operating system is becoming increasingly under threat.

Microsoft’s current fear is that too many Windows 10 users are choosing to install third-party antivirus instead of using Windows’ own defense system.

Windows 10 already has its own antivirus system installed: Windows Defender. Although it’s a decent-enough program, it has a major weakness – it doesn’t update as quickly as its competition, which in an environment where hackers reinvent themselves every day, could really be detrimental to Microsoft. So, they’ve developed a plan.

Microsoft has just announced a new initiative to win you over and it’s called the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. Watch the video below to see how it works!

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As you can see, this new defense system will alert the administrator whenever the computer begins to act strangely or does anything that could indicate that it may have been infected with a virus.  In addition to this, Microsoft will begin to collect information on suspicious files found on computers in order to develop a large database that will enable them to anticipate the ideas and habits of future hackers.

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection will be launched later on this year and will be an optional service initially available to businesses. Although Microsoft hasn’t mentioned anything yet, there is hope that they’ll expand and offer the program to the average user. Stay tuned!

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