Top 8 mobile games for children

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Once your child is a teenager, they are able to navigate their mobile apps on their own for the most part. Before that, it can be difficult to decide what you want your child’s mobile device to have on it. Thankfully, there are games out there for children of all ages. Typically, these games are educational, and lack many of the ads that you see on mobile games for older audiences. This can prevent your child from accidentally accessing sites and apps that you don’t want them to go to. Since smartphones are more readily available for kids then ever before, it’s important to have something safe and fun for them to do on these phones. Here are some of the best mobile apps out there to help you keep your child entertained.

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8 best tablet and phone games for kids

8. PBS Kids Games

PBS is well known for providing educational and entertaining content for kids, and their games app is no exception. With a plethora of games to choose from, young kids will never get bored of all the exciting stuff that this app has to offer. Each game teaches valuable lessons to the kids who play them, and it even has integration with some of its PBS Kids television programming, so if your child is a fan of PBS Kids then they will see some familiar faces, like Elmo from Sesame Street.

PBS Kids Video Free Download

7. Super Why! ABC Adventure

Similar to PBS Kids Games, the Super Why! ABC Adventure game takes the characters from the popular TV show of the same title, and adapts them to a group of mini-games that are addicting and educational for young children. In case you don’t know what Super Why! is, it’s a popular PBS kids show with a superhero protagonist. This superhero uses spelling (and other English-learning skills) to solve problems and fight crime, and the game follows this same principle. It’s great inspiration for young minds.

Super Why! ABC Adventure Download

6. Pokémon Playhouse & Camp Pokémon

Unsurprisingly, Pokémon has two games dedicated specifically to kids. Of course, all Pokémon mobile games can be enjoyed by kids, but these two provide minigames that are created for specific age groups. Pokémon Playhouse is reminiscent of Mickey Mouse’s playhouse, and is made for children under six, while Camp Pokémon is for children over six. The minigames are filled with some great interactive options that teach kids various skills as they play with their Pokémon.

Pokemon Quest Free Download

5. LEGO Juniors Quest

One of the few highly recognizable mobile game companies that doesn’t have in-app purchases, LEGO has done an excellent job of creating an immersive game that lets children express their creativity to the fullest. This game will save you a lot of stubbed toes, as it lets you keep all your child’s LEGOs in a digital format. They can essentially do anything they could with regular legos, which makes the game very intuitive. There are a variety of LEGO Junior games out there, and LEGO Junior Quest is the best game for following a storyline.

LEGO Juniors Quest Free Download

4. Artie’s World

For children who like to draw, this game lets you save money on drawing supplies. There are surprisingly few games that actually focus on drawing for children the way a coloring book would, and none are as interactive as Artie’s World. Though this game is primarily for young children, it allows drawing and coloring of many different objects and images. It can help teach your child early artistic skills, while also letting them express themselves through their art. It is a great game for any creative child.

3. Justice League Action Run

A superhero version of Temple Run that your kids will be sure to love. It is also one of the few games on this list that requires very little reading or sound, as the game itself is self-explanatory. This means your child can pick up this game at any age and get wrapped up into a world of superheroes.

2. Rosetta Stone Kids

Learning a new language is not only easier for kids, but it can be a fun and exciting process. Anyone who has used Rosetta Stone or Duolingo to try and learn a new language may know the kind of games and challenges they entail. The kids’ version is similar but specifically created for young people to keep them engaged. Whether you live in a bilingual family or you’re just trying to give your child more opportunities, this app is a free way to help your kids learn something new and have fun while doing it.

Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone Free Download

1. Minecraft Pocket Edition

While not exclusively a kids’ game, Minecraft is one of those games that appeals to all ages. It gives the creative freedom for a child to create a whole world of their own. It even has a vibrant community of children, so your child will be able to talk to their peers about it. It allows a kid to bring imaginative play to the next level by letting them create their own world. Whether they choose to be a builder in creative mode, or an adventurer in survival mode, your kid will find more amusement and opportunities for self-expression from this game than any other out there.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Download

If your child is more into puzzle games, then you’ll want to check out our Softonic Solutions page where our community has ranked the eight best puzzle games for kids.

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