Monday Timewaster: Next Action Frog

Monday Timewaster: Next Action Frog

It’s 1990, and Parker Frog sees a certain plumbing duo on TV getting famous for platform jumping. He decides he must be the next platforming superstar, so visits a game company to audition.

Parker Frog is set a task – complete a series of platforming challenges set by the company’s sadistic game director.

So starts Next Action Frog, a browser game which begins like a history of platforming, but has some devilish level designs, that require perfect timing and quick reactions. It’s a pretty basic game, but well made, and I don’t think frogs have really been given a chance to star since the classic Frogger, so give Parker Frog his 15 minutes of fame, and play here! Requires Flash.

[via Kongragate]

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