The Most Popular Windows Games Downloads of 2022

The Most Popular Windows Games Downloads of 2022
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

The gaming industry reached a record-breaking value of $90.13 billion in 2022, and there’s no sign of this market slowing down. New gamers are emerging each day, and their one aim is to find popular Windows games to play. 

If you’ve got hooked on gaming and you’re keen to know the best games for Windows desktop, then here’s a list of the most popular game downloads on Softonic for 2022.


Number of downloads – 228121

Roblox is an online game and game creation platform available on Windows desktops. Developed by Roblox Corporation, it’s one of the most downloaded games in 2022. Initially released in 2006, Roblox is a multiplayer game that allows your imagination to run wild. From creating virtual avatars to dressing them up in detail, Roblox has it all.

It’s a great way to channel your kid’s creativity by enabling them to try creating their games and play games created by others on the platform. The game currently has more than 164 million monthly active users and is one of the largest platforms for kids to learn how to develop games. While downloading the game is free, those interested in selling their games need a membership to do so. The highest-earning creators on Roblox have bagged in over $100,000 yearly. With returns that high, it’s no wonder this game tops the charts when it comes to the highest downloads.

ROBLOX Popular 2022 Windows Games

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Number of downloads – 201542

GTA has been a hot favorite for two decades, and there’s no sign of its popularity slowing down. Developed by Rockstar North, Grand Theft Auto has many versions, but Vice City remains a hot favorite. Whether it’s the vintage theme that appeals to people or a setup mimicking Miami Beach, GTA Vice City is the most downloaded single-player game in 2022.

This faced-paced game is fun and there’s never a dull moment making players passionate about playing. Unlike most games that take a while to catch up, Vice City gained popularity from the get-go. It sold over 17.5 million copies in 2002, the year the game was released, making it the highest-selling game that year. Although controversial, GTA Vice City is highly appealing to people, and it’s unlikely it’ll ever lose its charm.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Popular 2022 Windows Games

Grand Theft Auto V

Number of downloads – 189567

Given the popularity of GTA, Rockstar North introduced a new version of the game called Grand Theft Auto V. Initially released in 2013, this game might not have been around that long, but it’s managed to keep up with the popularity of its predecessor. With better graphics and a multiplayer option, the 15th version of GTA is based in Southern California.

Grand Theft Auto V broke all game sales records when it first hit the market and sold over $800 million on the very first day. It crossed $1 billion within the first three days and went on to win the title of being one of the best video games ever made. In 2018, GTA V was the best video game ever made, with over 170 million copies of the game sold worldwide.

Grand Theft Auto V Popular 2022 Windows Games

Among Us

Number of downloads – 134973

Developed by InnerSloth LLC, Among Us is a multiplayer game that can accommodate 4-15 players. The aim is to get your spaceship ready for departure on time while trying to figure out which crew member is an imposter waiting to kill everyone.

The game was initially created as a party game but ended up being a popular choice for Microsoft players who want to stay connected with friends while playing a fun game. The game allows cross-play, which is also one of the reasons why it’s so popular.

Among Us Popular 2022 Windows Games

Stumble Guys

Number of downloads – 96025

Stumble Guys is a recently developed game by Kitka Games and has managed to become a hot favorite when it comes to group multiplayer games. You can accommodate up to 32 players in a game, making it a great party game to enjoy with friends and family. This is a non-fuss game that’s simple to play, thereby encouraging people of all age groups to give it a try.

The more players there are in the game, the more fun it gets as you make it through level after level stumbling on bizarre obstacles and challenges till you knock out all your friends. This game is full of laughs and comes with cute little avatars that move as per your instructions.

Stumble Guys Popular 2022 Windows Games

The Sims 4

Number of downloads – 71220

Social stimulation games happen to be a popular genre, and The Sims 4 is surely the most popular game under that umbrella. Designed by Eric Holmberg-Weidler and Matt Yang and developed by Maxis and The Sims Studio, this adventurous single-player game is a hot favorite game that’s popular with girls too. The main motto of the game is to create a Sim, which is a virtual person. This creation will go through 7 stages of life and will come with its personality traits. This is a highly engaging game that enables players to stay hooked for hours on end.

The Sims 4 Popular 2022 Windows Games

Project IGI

Number of downloads – 148673

Project IGI has come a long way from its initial release in 2000 when people didn’t appreciate the game as much. Today, it’s one of the most downloaded single-player games developed by Innerloop Studios. This tactical shooting game did take a while to catch up to the competition, but it managed to make its mark and also to this list, considering the number of downloads it had in 2022.

Project IGI Popular 2022 Windows Games

IGI 2: Covert Strike

Number of downloads – 67384

Developed in 2003 by Innerloop Studios, IGI 2: Covert Strike is a sequel to Project I.G.I. and has been in the news ever since. The game offers better graphics and has a multiplayer option which was missing in the previous version. The tactical game is detailed and involves skill and planning, which makes it a fun game to play, especially with friends.

IGI 2 Covert Strike Popular 2022 Windows Games

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Number of downloads – 89412

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the 7th installment of GTA and one of the more popular versions the franchisee has. Released in 2004, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas became the bestselling game that year and sold over 27.5 million copies worldwide. Even after all these years, the craze for this version is still high, and it’s considered one of the greatest games ever made. This is the first version where players can switch from single players to multi-players making it even more addictive and fun.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Popular 2022 Windows Games

EA Sports Cricket

Number of downloads – 92560

Even though EA Sports Cricket was released in 2006, it’s still one of the more popular Windows games downloaded on Softonic. With the cricket season hot again, there’s a good chance that players want to get in on the action. The game offers realistic graphics and gameplay, and you’ll almost feel the heat of the sun on you. It still receives updates, with the latest one being in November 2021, adding to its popularity.

EA Sports Cricket Popular 2022 Windows Games

2022 Was a Year Filled With Fun Games

As we wrap up the year, there’s a lot to look back at. There’s also a lot to take forward, and some of these games will surely make it to the list. With so much to offer, one can only imagine what the gaming industry has in store for 2023. Until a new game comes around that’s out to impress, you can continue to enjoy the ones already out there.

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

I live in South Africa, Cape town, as a father of two children. I've been gaming almost all my life, with plenty of experience writing reviews and articles on the latest titles. With 15 years of experience in local government performing Facilities Management functions, I moved towards becoming CEO of my own company, Celenic Earth Publications, which serves to publish author's books, including my own. I'm a published author of horror and fantasy novels, while I also dabble in game and movie scriptwriting.

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