Moving files? Make it fun!

Moving files? Make it fun!

Is there anything more boring than the progress bar? If you use a Windows PC, you’re sure to see it on a fairly regular basis, whether you’re copying, moving or deleting files. Moving files around can be a boring job, especially if they’re big ones, but one enterprising developer – Ben Stone – has decided to add some fun to the process with two hilarious apps – Nyan Cat Progress Bar and Instant Elevator Music.

Nyan Cat Progress Bar
Now, I’ll be the first to admit that when compared to other, more useful software, you might be thinking that these apps are a bit useless but, goddamit, they’re fun! As you can see above, Nyan Cat Progress Bar replaces the normal, boring progress bar with Nyan Cat and its rainbow-colored space trail. It also plays Nyan Cat’s signature Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! song.

If that’s all a bit psychedelic for you, try sister app Instant Elevator Music. This one’s purely aural, playing tinkly elevator music whenever you’re waiting for an app to open or a file to move. You can actually set Instant Elevator Music to play any music while you wait, but the bland, anodyne elevator tune is 90% of the fun! For two such seemingly trivial apps, they actually have a surprising amount of options, including an ignore list and, crucially, the ability to silence the music in one click.

Unfortunately, we don’t think you’ll want to use both apps at the same time. In fact, if you did, we’d be quite worried about you. Download them one at a time. and lengthy file operations will never be the same again!

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