The Future is Now: Samsung Unveils Cutting-Edge Tech at MWC 2023!

Samsung unveiled new prototypes of foldable displays during this year's MWC.

The Future is Now: Samsung Unveils Cutting-Edge Tech at MWC 2023!
María López

María López

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Samsung unveiled weeks ago what are some of its best devices to date, the Galaxy S23 family and the Galaxy Book. Although the manufacturer did not bring any major premieres to Mobile World Congress 2023, it did have a couple of aces up its sleeve.

During the first day of MWC, a round table was held with two major participants, Samsung and Qualcomm. One of the most drastic decisions taken by Samsung this generation has been to make way for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 to the detriment of Exynos. The truth is that the Qualcomm chip has achieved a great balance between power and autonomy and is something we are seeing in high-end phones.

Samsung Galaxy S23, the jewel in the crown

At the South Korean stand, attendees will be able to try first-hand the recently released Samsung Galaxy S23, its flagship device and great rival to the iPhone 14 Pro. One of the highlights of this year’s terminals is the large 200-megapixel camera, thanks to which impressive details are captured.

The truth is that Samsung’s innovations have managed to set new standards within the most premium mobile devices. Visitors to the Mobile World Congress will be able to try out the new camera features brought by the Samsung Galaxy S23, including Nightography capabilities with its 200-megapixel Adaptive Pixel sensor. As an attendee, you will be able to enjoy the racing games at the same Samsung booth and experience the gaming power of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the top of the line of this latest generation.

Samsung Galaxy S23s are ready for testing at the Qualcomm booth, located in Hall 3, 3E10.

Galaxy Book 3 and home automation, Samsung’s other face

Of course, we could not miss the new Galaxy Book 3. These laptops were presented a few weeks ago with clear intentions to dominate the ultrabook market. Their light weight, power and price make them one of the most direct competitors of the MacBook Air, Apple‘s best-selling laptop at present.

The Galaxy Book 3 also comes with an Ultra model, which has a larger 16-inch screen. Samsung emphasizes that one of its greatest achievements with respect to the screens is the reduction of blue light, which causes less eye fatigue.

Another of Samsung’s major objectives is to build an ecosystem where its products are more integrated with each other. During the MWC, the manufacturer has offered a demo where you can see how a Galaxy S23 can control a laptop completely wirelessly.

In terms of home automation, Samsung has set up its own smart showroom at the Mobile World Congress to display the Samsung Jet Bot (a smart vacuum cleaner) and its Cube Air Purifyer (an air purifier). For the moment, there is no official confirmation that the latter product will be put on sale in Spain.

On the other hand, Samsung has also confirmed the compatibility of Matter with its platform. Matter is the new universal connection standard that serves to unify all smart home devices.

Samsung and its foldable screens

The truth is that Samsung has been one of the first manufacturers to bring foldable screens to the mainstream public. This year, we can see different foldable phones at the South Korean stand, with screens on the outside and more robust bodies.

These were prototypes provided by the Samsung Display booth (Hall 2, 2K40) and were not yet ready to be tested by the public. However, you could see them through the showcases arranged there. Visitors will also test the durability of the Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) technology used in the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

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