Think You Know Naruto? Prove It with These Obscure Filler Chapters

The ultimate guide to skip all the filler in Naruto

Think You Know Naruto? Prove It with These Obscure Filler Chapters
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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Naruto is one of the most successful popular in recent years. Masashi Kishimoto’s series picked up the Dragon Ball baton and managed to catch an entire generation of fans. Since then, it has not stopped being exploited through video games, movies and much more. In addition, its sequel Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is conquering a new audience, so the saga continues to grow.

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However, those of us who are fans of Naruto know that his anime has a very big problem: the filler. Both the original Naruto series and Naruto Shippuden have a lot of filler chapters that either add nothing to the original plot and are other independent stories, or serve to complement the universe of the protagonist.

Although there are some filler chapters that are worth watching, the vast majority are very passable. Therefore, if you want to catch up with the anime but you do not want to have to watch so many chapters that contribute little or nothing, we leave you with a list of all the episodes that you can save.

Naruto filler arches

The first stretch of the original Naruto series features no filler, but that soon changes when the Chunnin exam arc arrives and episodes that stray from the main plot begin to emerge. We leave you with all the episodes in this block that are filler:

26 – Special report! In director from the forest of terror

53 – It’s been a long time! The perverted hermit appears

57 – He flew! He jumped! He dived! The Toad King appears!

Although the latter have some elements from the original manga, the rest is filler. Things start to get more complicated in the following arcs, when the filler begins to surface.

Search for Tsunade

97 – Naruto’s experience with hot springs!

98 – Stop being a ninja! Tsunade’s news!

99 – The one who inherits the will of fire

100 – The link between the impetuous master and his pupil! The moment when a man lives in expectation of his ninja’s path!

101 – I want to see, know and confirm! Master Kakashi’s face!

Escort Mission in the Tea Country

102 – A new mission: to save justice, hearts and the Land of Tea!

103 – Naruto sunk?! The great ocean in a convoluted plot

104 – Run, Idate! The stormy Nagi Island, full of trouble!

105 – Almost at the finish line! A thunderous battle

106 – Will I date arrive? The ultimate display of perseverance!

Things get complicated when Naruto’s story ends completely before the time skip and the series still has many chapters to air before catching up. It is here when several filler arcs arrive that are completely avoidable and contribute little to the plot, beyond getting to know secondary characters better.

Research Mission in the Country of the Rice Fields

136 – Infiltration research? The Super-S rank mission has arrived

137 – City of renegades. The shadow of the Fuuma group

138 – The promise betrayed. Fleeting desires

139 – Terror! Orochimaru’s fortress

140 – Two heartbeats. Kabuto’s trap

141 – Sakura’s determination

Mizuki Tracking Mission

142 – The diabolical trio at the high-security facility

143 – Run, TonTon, I’m depending on your sense of smell!

144 – Rebirth of three people, a team!

145 – Explosion! The new Ino-Shika-Chou formation

146 – The Remains of Ambition and Orochimaru

147 – Face your destiny! You will never defeat me!

Bikōchū Search Mission

148 – Even Akamaru is jealous of your searching ability! Go for the Bikouchuu!

149 – What difference does it make? Aren’t all insects the same?

150 – Melt and cheat! The battle for the insect!

151 – Flaming Byakuugan! This is my way of the ninja!

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Kurosuki Family Elimination Mission

152 – The funeral march of the living

153 – Reach for your heart! The fists of love

154 – The natural enemy of Byakuugan

155 – A storm is approaching

156 – Raiga’s counterattack!

157 – Run! This is the curry of life!

158 – All with me! The survival plan based on sweat and tears!

159 – Friend or foe? The desert bounty hunter!

160 – Will we take it or will they take it from us? The battle in the temple!

Extermination of the Cursed Warrior Mission

161 – An unexpected visitor arrives. The green beast? The carnivore? The wild welcome

162 – White Noroimusha

163 – The strategist – Koumei’s plan!

164 – Help that came too late

165 – Death of Naruto

166 – Time stands still. The moment when the white heron spreads its wings.

167 – Time stands still. The moment when the white heron spreads its wings (Part 2).

Kaima Capture Mission

168 – Mix it, whisk it and boil it!

169 – Memory. The lost page

170 – The closed door

171 – Interference! The trap

172 – Despair, the thorny heart!

173 – Battle at sea! The power is unleashed!

Buried Gold Excavation Mission

174 – I can’t believe it! A famous ninja’s way of being: money jutsu

175 – Dig here! Whoa, whoa! Find the pile of gold!

176 – Running, hiding and zigzagging!

Star Guard Mission

177 – Oh, please, Mr. Postman!

178 – Encounter with a guy named “Star”.

179 – The lullaby of memories

180 – Mysterious peacock method secret technique

181 – Hoshikage: the buried truth

182 – Reunion: The Lost Tempo

183 – Increase star brightness

Street Vendor Escort Mission

184 – The long day of Kiba Inuzuka

185 – The legend of the Hidden Leaf Village! Onbaa really existed!

186 – Shino laughs

187 – Practice! Leaf Removals

188 – Mysterious. Street vendors are persecuted

189 – Submerged. An

190 – The Byakuugan saw it! The magnet user’s blind spot

The third green beast

191 – Death Sentence. “Cloudy, but with some clearing in the sky.”

192 – Ino’s cry! The chubby paradise

193 – The challenge of the dojo! Youth is explosive!

194 – How strange! The haunted house

195 – Gai’s longevity!

196 – The clash of tears! The impetuous teacher and the pupil’s spectacle!

Konoha Recapture Plans Mission

197 – Big trouble! The assembly of the Eleven of the Leaf

198 – The despair of the ANBU! Naruto’s memories!

199 – Out of place! the target becomes clearer!

200 – Active service! The ultimate sponsor!

201 – Mass traps! Countdown to destruction!

Yakumo Kurama Rescue Mission

202 – Sweat and tears among the ninjas – Top 5 battles!

203 – Kurenai’s decision! Team 8 is abandoned

204 – Eight clouds in sight. The sealed technique

205 – Kurenai’s super secret mission. The promise of the Third

206 – Illusion or reality? Those who control the 5 senses

207 – The sealed ability

Gantetsu Escort Mission

208 – Strange vessel! The Weight of Nature’s Beauties

209 – The enemy: Shinobazu

210 – The Forest of Obfuscation

211 – Memories of Fire

212 – The path that each one chooses

Menma’s Memory Quest Mission

213 – Lost memories

214 – Reality recovered

215 – Erasing the past!

Sunagakure Support Mission

216 – The missing artisan, the Shukaku is hunted!

217 – The allies of the Arena, the ninjas of the Blade.

218 – The counterattack of the sealed tiger!

219 – The resurrection of the Ultimate Weapon!

220 – The departure

Naruto Shippuden Filler Arcs

Naruto Shippuden Filler BowsThere is no doubt that Naruto has many, many filler chapters. But it doesn’t stop here. If you want to continue the story after the timeskip and continue with the adventures of Naruto and Sakura after Sasuke’s escape with Orochimaru, you can continue it in Naruto Shippuden.

But then again, we’re dealing with a series full of filler. So you can follow our guide to skip all the filler in Naruto Shippuden.

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