New Android malware could wipe your device with just one text message

New Android malware could wipe your device with just one text message

If you’re an Android user, you might be used to facing malware threats on a daily basis. The problem is that these hazards are becoming increasingly frequent, and more and more dangerous. A Danish security company has recently discovered a new malware that can erase your phone with just a simple text message.

The threat in question is called “Mazar“. This malware has the ability to send you a text message that includes a link, which at first glance looks harmless. If you click the link, you will automatically download “Tor” with the most recent malware. With Tor, Mazar can be undetected, and will begin to work its evil on your device.

This malware can not only delete your data. It can also send other messages to your contacts without your permission. More than 100,000 Android users have received this text message and the fear is expected to grow on a global scale.

Our advice?

Simply don’t open any strange messages. Especially in this day and age of WhatsApp and Facebook, receiving an SMS is somewhat rare, and is usually limited to companies sending you ads. It may sound a bit harsh, but the truth is that those who have fallen victim to this malware already have only got themselves to blame.It’s a cruel world out there – be careful.

Source: UberGizmo

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